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Power Rangers Unlimited

Shift Into Turbo, Pt. 3

With the recent crisis handled, Tommy has returned to his stock car training. The opening shot of the moving car is followed by one of Tommy behind the wheel, the road as seen from his perspective, shots of Tommy shifting gears and accelerating, another shot of him behind the wheel, and finally one of the car zooming off-screen.

Cross to an exterior shot of the Youth Center. Inside, Adam, Kat, and Tanya are sitting together at one of the Juice Bar tables. The three of them have removed their graduation gowns at some point, although not everyone has. In the background, Justin can be seen waiting at the counter.

"Hey, I wonder how Tommy's doing at his race training?” Kat says.

"I'll bet he's having a blast," Adam says.

Tanya turns to Kat. “Hey, did you find out about your student teaching assignment?"

"Well," Kat says. "As a matter of fact I'm gonna be working with the incoming freshmen at Angel Grove High."

"That's great," Tanya says.

Kat smiles. “I know.”

Justin returns and places a glass on the table next to Adam, and Mr. Kaplan comes over. "Speaking of incoming freshmen, Justin, I've been looking for you." 

"For me?" Justin asks.

Yes,” he says. “The results from your Equivalency Test were passed along to me.” Justin blinks, looking a little unsure. “Kids, it seems we have somewhat of a prodigy on our hands.” He put an arm around Justin's shoulders. “So . . . as of this fall . . .” the other rangers regard Justin, impressed. “You'll be attending Angel Grove High.

Justin looked mildly stunned and Adam grins broadly. “Congratulations!” Tanya says.

“Thanks,” Justin says, smiling. 


Opening Credits Roll


Elsewhere, Divatox's Subcraft is patrolling the depths of Angel Grove Lake. Over in the control room, an excited Rygog is standing near a collection of plundered loot. “I can't believe it! In a few minutes, the Earth will be totally defenseless!” he laughs.

Elgar approaches and whacks him on the shoulder. “Well, what are you waiting for? Hit the road already! You can do it, baby!”

Divatox steps between them, shoving Elgar aside. She slowly paces across the room, keeping her back turned while issuing Rygog with his orders. “Oooohhh, Rygog! Prepare to launch a full offensive attack on Angel Grove.” Elgar laughs.

Yes, Divatox!” Rygog says.

Divatox smiles menacingly. “Soon, nothing will stand in my way.


Cut back to a close-up shot of Justin in the Juice Bar. “I can't believe I'm gonna be in High School. I'm not even tall enough to reach the lockers.” He grins.

Adam, Kat and Tanya laugh and Kat puts an arm around Justin. “Don't worry about it, you're gonna do great!

“Yeah,” Adam says.

“You will,” Tanya agrees.

Adam smiles at Tanya, but it fades as his communicator beeps. Kat covers hers for a moment and looks around warily, as does Tanya. Adam spits whatever he had been chewing into his glass, and the four of them hurry away.

Cut to an exterior shot of the Power Chamber. Inside, there is a close focus on a murmuring Lerigot. “Lerigot?” Adam asks, surprised.

“Rangers,” Lerigot says.

They all approach and Kat kneels down, taking Lerigot’s hand. “What are you doing here?

“How is your family?” Justin asks.

Family good,” Lerigot answers. “Baby big!The Rangers laugh.

“Lerigot,” Tanya says. “You didn't have to travel this far just for our graduation!

“I'm afraid there is more to it,” Zordon says. Alpha begins sobbing.

“Alpha, what's the matter?” Kat asks, worried. She stands up. “Zordon?

There is no easy way to tell you this, Rangers,” Zordon says.

“Tell us what?” Adam asks seriously.

Lerigot has returned to give me my freedom,” he says. “I will soon return to my home planet to rejoin my own family.” Tanya stares at him unblinking and Adam looks up at him sadly. “I realize this is difficult, Rangers,” he says. Kat blinks and looks down for a moment.


Cut back to an exterior shot of the Subcraft. Inside, Porto waddles across the control room in a tremendous hurry, gasping for breath. “Oh! Oh!” he gasps. “Oh, my! Oh, oh, your Evilness!He hurries past a sniggering Elgar and over to Divatox, who is looking through the periscope. “I have important news!”

Divatox looks away from periscope, annoyed. “What?”

Porto catches his breath. “Well, you see, it—it's just that—”

“Would you spit it out already?” Divatox snaps.

I have monitored another being traveling through the wormhole towards Earth,” he says.

“Who is it?” he asks.

“You should see this one for yourself,” he says.

Divatox scoffs and takes a look through the periscope, then gasps. “No!” She turns away from the viewfinder, now geared towards but one thing: containment. “Elgar!

Elgar excitedly comes over. “Aunty D?

Begin ground maneuvers to keep those Power Rangers busy. Porto.

“Yes?” he asks.

Find a way to close the wormhole. Now.”

“C—close it?” he asks.

You heard me,” she says. “Close that wormhole.


Back in the Power Chamber, Adam, Kat, and Tanya are standing in a line facing Zordon. Justin is off-screen. “I can't believe you're really leaving,” Adam says. “And Alpha, too!

I'm afraid so, Adam,” Zordon says.

“It's just not gonna be the same without you,” Kat says sadly.

“I mean, who's gonna cover our backs?” Tanya asks.

“I have made arrangements for that, Tanya,” Zordon says. “You will not be alone.


Cut back to an exterior shot of the Subcraft. “I have completed my plan, your Wickedness,” Porto says.

“Well?” she asks. “What is it?

The lift doors open to reveal a monster we saw in the premiere. “Dohh, it's about time!” he exclaims. “Ohhh, I've been waiting on that stupid planet for you guys to call me foreverrr!” He stomps over to Porto who is holding another odd device.

“Amphibitor will place this device on Earth to close the wormhole,” Porto says.

“Excellent!” Divatox says. “Now get up there and do it.


Back in the Power Chamber, Lerigot is about ready to begin. Alpha is stationed at one of the consoles in the background and he starts the scene by pressing a few keys. “Must hurry,” Lerigot murmurs. “Circle, please.” The four Rangers start to form a circle around Lerigot.

“Wait!” says Kat. “What about Tommy? He'd never forgive himself if he didn't get a chance to say goodbye.

There is a shower of red energy as Tommy makes his belated appearance. Kat heaves a sigh of relief and smiles. “Tommy,” Adam says. “You made it.

“Are you kidding me?” Tommy asks. “I couldn't miss this.” He takes his place in the circle.

“I had already informed Tommy of our situation,” Zordon says. “Lerigot, you may begin.

Lerigot holds up his Golden Key, murmuring as he activates its power. The tip of the Key glows brightly, discharging golden sparkles.

“Goodbye, Rangers,” Zordon says. “Know that the Power is always within you.

Meanwhile, Amphibitor is in the process of setting up his device in an isolated section of the city. A small monitor can be seen at the base of the device, blank for the moment, and he pushes it like a button. Green energy flows into a tube at the top of the device, where it gathers intensity and then shoots into the sky. Amphibitor straightens, cheering. “Incoming! Yes!”

The green beam enters the wormhole. Moments later, an energy pulse travels along the beam and into the portal, which is then rocked by stormy flashes as the sabotage begins.

The Power Chamber Alarm begins to sound. The released energy from Lerigot's Golden Key fades away. “Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi!” Alpha shouts. “Zordon! There is a problem with the wormhole!

“If we don't hurry, we may have to stay,” Zordon says. “Maybe we'll be able to return home another time.

“You can't miss your chance to go home!” Justin says.

“Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi!” Alpha shouts.

“Rangers,” says Zordon. “Observe the Viewing Globe.The Rangers head over to the monitor, followed by Lerigot and Alpha. “I'm afraid there is a more urgent problem that must be attended to.

The monitor shows a small fleet of dark, animal-shaped vehicles out near the mountains. Elgar, who looks noticeably different, is driving one of them. His head is taller and his yellowed teeth and
 eyes have become white, but the greatest change is reflected in his leering expression; whereas previously he seemed comically stupid, now he appears to radiate an evil depravity.

“It's Elgar!” Tanya says. “He's heading into Angel Grove.

We'd better head him off in the Zords,” Adam says. Kat nods.

“Right,” says Tommy. “Shift into Turbo!”

Morphing sequence plays and they call their powers:

Justin: Mountain Blaster, Turbo Power!
Adam: Desert Thunder, Turbo Power!

anya: Dune Star, Turbo Power!
Kat: Wind Chaser, Turbo Power!
ommy: Red Lightning, Turbo Power!

Cut to the interior of Red Lightning. “Okay, guys,” Tommy says. “Let's stop him!”

The dark fleet advances and Elgar is again shown inside one of the cockpits. “You can't stop me, you fools! I'm Elgar!

“Yeah?” Tommy asks. “We've stopped better than you!” Red Lightning's indicator light blinks. Mountain Blaster responds in kind, flashing its lights as it overtakes the other Zord. “Looking good, Justin!” Tommy says, giving him a thumbs up as Justin goes by. “Now, let's show our stuff!

One of the dark vehicles looms up behind Red Lightning, whose lights begin to flash as a giant claw opens up and latches onto the back of the Zord. Red Lightning swerves from side to side, trying to escape from the pursuing bull vehicle and sparks fly.

“Guys?” Tommy asks.

Justin notices his situation. “Tommy, hold on! I'm on my way!

He swerves Mountain Blaster around ready to go on the offensive. He presses down on the accelerator and smashes Mountain Blaster into the enemy vehicle, freeing Red Lightning. Red Lightning zooms away.

Focus now upon Wind Chaser. “Uh-oh,” Kat says. She turns her head to discover one of the dark vehicles, shaped like an elephant, giving chase. She turns back to the front. “Huh?” Wind Chaser is heading straight for another member of the evil fleet. Kat panics slightly. “Ah! Ah! I gotta think fast!

Back in the Power Chamber, Alpha is also panicking. He hurries over towards Lerigot, who is staring at the monitor. “Ay-yi-yi! Zordon! The hole is closing!

Closing too fast,” Lerigot says. The monitor shows Amphibitor's beam assaulting the wormhole.

“Lerigot's right,” Zordon says. “The wormhole is dissolving at an accelerated rate.

Oh, hurry, Rangers!” Alpha says.

Cut back to Wind Chaser's cockpit. “Whoa!” Kat says, quickly pushing a button. “Wind Chaser, Split Mode!One of Wind Chaser's lights flashes. Wind Chaser splits in half and passes by on either side of the pig vehicle. The elephant vehicle smashes into the pig vehicle and causes an explosion. “So sorry!” she says sarcastically. Wind Chaser, now whole again, turns around and drives off.

Cross now to the cockpit of Mountain Blaster. “All right, a jump!” Justin says excitedly as Mountain Blaster is heading for an incline in the road. “Here goes!Mountain Blaster performs the jump. “Oh, man, that was so cool!

Kat’s voice comes over. “Calm down, Justin. Begin Docking Sequence!” Wind Chaser splits again, completes its transformation into two arms, and joins onto the sides of Mountain Blaster. The docking is rough, setting off an air bag inside Wind Chaser's cockpit. “Whoa! That was a rough one.  She starts her go-cart moving backwards. “Here goes!

“Me too!” Justin says, doing the same. Both appear in the megazord cockpit. “Cool!”

“Wow,” Kat says. She comes over to Justin. “Isn't this new Megazord fantastic, Justin?

Tanya’s voice is heard. “Here we come, guys!Dune Star and Desert Thunder are approaching the Wind Chaser/Mountain Blaster combination from the front. Adam turns his steering wheel hard to the right and the Tanya turns hers hard to the left. Desert Thunder and Dune Star turn back the way they came, now on the opposite sides of Mountain Blaster/Wind Chaser. Kat and Justin watch them go past through the front screen of the cockpit.

Justin laughs. “See you soon, guys!

Tanya talks to Adam. “Justin's sure having a good time with this!

Adam laughs. “He's a kid with a new toy, let him have some fun! You did, remember? C'mon!

And with that, he turns his steering wheel to the right. Their lights flashing, Desert Thunder pushes against the side of Dune Star but the two Zords refuse to dock together. The Yellow Ranger is jolted by the
 impact. Desert Thunder falls away and goes in for another attempt.

Inside the Turbo Megazord cockpit, the Pink and Blue Rangers have resumed their seats. They now appear to be wearing shoulder straps of some kind. “It sure is a tough way to dock!” Kat says. “Hope we'll get better at it.

We have to,” Justin says. “We can't get much worse!”

Cut back to Dune Star and Desert Thunder. “Let's try again,” Tanya says. “Okay, you ready?

Yeah,” Adam says. “Ready as I'll ever be.

Let's do it!” Tanya says.

“Now!” says Adam. He wrenches his steering wheel to the right and the two zords finally dock together side-by-side. Tanya hits the brake and turns her steering wheel to the left. Dune Star and Desert Thunder spin around, their front sections now aligned with the front section of Mountain Blaster.

“All right, they did it!” Justin says. “I'm right behind you, guys.” He activates something that causes Mountain Blaster's bumper bar to split and fold up above the Zord's bonnet. As Mountain Blaster/Wind Chaser draws close to Dune Star/Desert Thunder, another of the dark vehicles, in the form of a scorpion, starts blasting at them.

Undaunted, Dune Star/Desert Thunder join onto the front of Mountain Blaster. The Yellow and Green Rangers appear in the cockpit alongside the Pink and Blue Rangers, similarly equipped with shoulder straps.

Kat applauds. “Yeah! Good work, guys.

“Yeah,” says Tanya. “We finally got it.

“Now, let's go get some bad guys!” Adam says.

The laser-firing scorpion promptly turns to retreat but can't get out of the way fast enough and the four-fifths completed Megazord slams into it with the back-ends of Desert Thunder and Dune Star. There is
 a small explosion as the fourth member of the evil fleet is taken out of the running.

Focus again upon Red Lightning. “All right,” said Tommy. “Good one. Now, it's my turn!He turns his Zord around and accelerates but gets cut off by the last dark vehicle, which is being driven by a laughing
 Elgar. Focus briefly on Red Lightning's cockpit and then cross back to Elgar's vehicle.

“Going somewhere?” Elgar asks. He swerves back and forth in front of Red Lightning, preventing it
 from reaching the others. The two of them are then shown traveling on a cliff-side road. The four conjoined Zords are moving along a lower, parallel road.

“As a matter of fact,” Tommy says. “Yes!” He slams down the accelerator and pulls ahead of Elgar.

“I don't think so, Ranger!” Elgar says. He sideswipes Red Lightning, causing the Zord to drop back. Tommy swerves, but regains control and pulls up beside him. “Back for more, huh?Elgar forces his vehicle against Red Lightning and starts bashing into the Zord. Sparks fly as Red Lightning's left side is ground against the cliff-face.

“Aw man!” Tommy says. He whips out an owner's manual and begins reading. “Now, let me see, how do I kick this thing into Turbo? Lucky I got my manual.” He pauses. “Got it!” He pushes a button. Red Lightning's rear section pulls back to reveal the head of the Turbo Megazord. The head turns to the right and its eyes light up yellow. “Hey, Elgar!

There is a quick shot of the two vehicles, during which time it can be seen that Red Lightning has pulled ahead slightly. Elgar looks to his right. “Yeah, what is it?

Watch where you're going!” Tommy says.

Elgar faces front and screams as his vehicle smashes into a large rock in the road, causing an
 explosion. Red Lightning slips by unscathed, keeping pace with the four conjoined Zords on the road below. “That wasn't funny!” Elgar says.

The Megazord's head disappears as Red Lightning reverts back to its regular mode. “Sure, it was,” Tommy says, laughing. He suddenly drives Red Lightning off the edge of the cliff. “Initiating Final Docking Sequence!Red Lightning drops down and docks successfully into the back of Mountain Blaster. The Red Ranger now appears in the cockpit, in the middle front seat and the others start applauding. “All right!

“All right, Tommy!” Justin says excitedly. “Yes!”

“Yeah, great one, Tommy,” Adam says. “You’re number one!”

“Let’s do it!” Tommy says.

The five conjoined Zords zoom along the open road. Inside the cockpit, each Ranger brandishes his or her Turbo Key. “Initiate Turbo Megazord!” they say together.

The five of them insert their Keys into ignitions on the upper right of their respective control panels. “Turbo Up!” Tommy says as he inserts his key. His ignition lights illuminate and the screen then splits into four triangles to show the other four ignitions.

They all turn their keys and shout, “Turbo Up!Their ignition lights illuminate.

Tommy takes hold of a steering wheel at the base of his control panel. “Let's do it!

The top and bottom sections of the wheel retract into the side grips, leaving him holding two curved handles. He slams on the brake, again marked with the C logo, causing the brake lights on Desert Thunder
 and Dune Star to come on. A wheel, seemingly Dune Star's, is shown locking and the words "POWER VEHICLE" and "CR-1000" can be seen upon it.

The sudden braking causes the Turbo Megazord to flip up into the air, sparks and dust flying in the process. There is a quick shot of the Rangers in the rising cockpit, viewed from the back. Red Lightning
 splits again, its front section becoming the Megazord's upper body and the rest folding down to form its head and back.

As the Megazord continues rising into an upright position, the five headlights from Mountain Blaster's roof raise up to chest level. The Megazord's eyes glow, its headlight chest plate shines brightly, and with a few flashes of lightning the transformation is complete.

This is too much for the already battered evil fleet. They retreat from the might of the Turbo Megazord, waving white flags. “I'll give you this one, Power Rangers,” Elgar says. “But next time you're mine!” He puts a hand to his head. “Oh, my aching noggin!

Focus on the departing vehicles for a brief moment and then cross to the Turbo Megazord cockpit. The Rangers stand up and begin to slap hands and cheer in celebration.


Cut to an exterior shot of the Power Chamber. The Rangers teleport in holding their helmets. They approach Alpha and Lerigot, the former of whom is worriedly working a console. “Hey,” says Justin. “What's the matter, Alpha?

Alpha turns to face them. “Ay-yi-yi!”

“Divatox has activated a device that has accelerated the closing of the wormhole,” Zordon says. “We must leave right away. Words can't express the gifts you have given me and the people of Earth. We will miss you dearly.

As Zordon gives his farewell speech, each of the Rangers are focused upon in turn; first Justin, who is putting forward a brave face; Kat, who looks down at the floor; Adam, who seems to have a lump in his
 throat; a saddened Tanya; and finally Tommy, for whom this parting may have the most meaning.

Lerigot holds up his magical Key once more. Golden energy flows into Zordon's tube, enveloping the ancient sage and drawing his bright, shining essence out into the chamber. Further energy swirls around
 Alpha, who waves as he begins to disappear. “Goodbye, Rangers!” Alpha says sadly. “I miss you already. Ai-yi-yi-yi. . .” Zordon and Alpha's essences rise up through the Power Chamber.

“Goodbye, Zordon,” Adam says solemnly.

“Goodbye, Alpha,” Kat says. Golden sparkles float down around the watching Rangers.

“You'll always be in our hearts . . .” Tanya says. The last traces of golden energy fade as Zordon and Alpha's essences are drawn away. An outer shot of the Power Chamber shows orange energy rising out of its tube and into the sky. Moments later, the two essences shoot along it.

The Power Chamber monitor shows this orange energy stream entering the wormhole. The green beam from Amphibitor's device is still there, causing the portal to compress. “Look, they're in!” Justin says.

Kat steps up next to Justin for a closer look at the monitor. As she does so, the Power Chamber Alarm goes off again. “What's going on?” Adam asks.

It's Divatox's device,” Tanya says. She puts down her helmet and starts working a console. “The wormhole is collapsing!

What?” Kat asks.

“What if it closes on them?” Tommy asks.

“Zordon,” Lerigot says. “Alpha, gone forever.”

Elsewhere, Amphibitor is gleefully watching the wormhole sabotage on the monitor at the base of his device. All of a sudden two children stumble across the monster, and he turns to frighten them away. The
 brief scene closes with another shot of the active device.

These last two images appear on the Power Chamber monitor, watched by the five Rangers and Lerigot. “We have to get that device,” Tommy says.

The six of them turn towards the camera. “Back to action!” Tanya calls.

The five Rangers, fully morphed, arrive outside at the top of some stairs divided by a central handrail. Amphibitor is at the bottom, facing up towards them. “Look who's here,” he scoffs. “The Jellybean Patrol! Can I help you?

“You can help yourself by going back to wherever you came from!” Adam says angrily.

Amphibitor brandishes his sword. “Sorry. I always finish what I start!” He rubs the knife-blade against his tongue. “Yum-yum!” He leaps up towards Rangers. “Snack-time!”

“Aw man!” Tommy says.

Amphibitor ploughs into his opponents, sending Tanya reeling and knocking Tommy down the stairs. Melee begins. Amphibitor swings his knife at Kat, who flips away unharmed, and then chops at Justin as the latter runs up to attempt a kick. Neither attack connects.

Adam rolls past Amphibitor dodging an intended slash from his cutlery. Amphibitor then turns and chops at Kat, who dodges a second time. Reacting quickly, the monster ducks a kick from Tanya and retaliates with a fork-slash that knocks her off her feet.

Seeing an advantage, Tommy runs back up the stairs and kicks Amphibitor's knife-arm, taking the monster by surprise. He attempts a second kick, which is ducked, and enters defensive stance as Justin and Tanya fall in behind him.

“Justin,” Tommy says. “Get that device.

“You got it!” Justin runs off.

Kat and Adam restrain Amphibitor to prevent him from following. After a brief struggle, he throws off Kat and delivers a kick to her mid-section. She flies back through the air, hits a metal door, and collapses to the ground.

Justin leaps to the bottom of the stairs, landing within reach of the wormhole-closing device. Adam, Tommy and Tanya can be seen battling Amphibitor at the top and he calls to them. “Hold on, guys! I almost have it!” He runs towards device.

Amphibitor stumbles from a kick delivered by Tommy, then looks up at Justin. “Oh, no you don't!” He zaps at the Blue Ranger with a pink zigzagging blast from his knife.

“Justin!” Adam calls. There is a sparking explosion and Justin is thrown to the ground.

“Justin!” Tanya shouts. Amphibitor laughs.

“I’ve, got to . . . get it,” Justin says slowly. “I . . .”

The scene closes on the wormhole closing device.


Cut to the Subcraft, where Rygog and Porto are standing at a control panel. Divatox approaches and muscles her way between them. “What is taking so long? Are the torpedoes loaded?

One and two are ready to launch,” Rygog answers.

“Mmm,” she says to Porto. “Are you sure they're going to do what you said they're going to do?

I always guarantee my work will work!” Porto says cheerfully.

“Good.” She rubs her hands in delight. “Then, fire away.”

“Do it, Rygog!” Porto says.

“Firing one and two torpedoes, now!” Rygog says. He pushes the launch button and the Subcraft
 fires its torpedoes. They blast through the lake, rise out of the water, and soar into the sky.


Back at the battle, Tommy is fighting Amphibitor. Kat and Adam are standing on the stairs below. In a moment it will be seen that the Blue Ranger has recovered and is also on the railing. Tommy  blocks Amphibitor's left arm(fork) but is then dealt a vicious knife-slash that knocks him down a few of the stairs.

“Tommy, you okay?” Kat asks.

He gives her a quick nod. Tanya, who is on the top of the stairs, runs down and flips over the central railing, joining Adam. The five of them stand together.

“You Rangers are good,” Amphibitor says. “But not good enough!The torpedoes continue soaring through the air. “What?” He turns around and notices the approaching missiles. “Go!”

As the torpedoes explode around him, the Rangers recoil from the impact.

“Yes!” Amphibitor shouts. Golden energy surges through the laughing monster, growing him to
 enormous size. “Oh, yeah!”

“Let’s do it, guys!” Tommy says.

“We need Turbo Megazord power, now!” they all shout.

Cut to an underground garage somewhere, marked by an overhead CARRANGER sign.
 Five storage bays can be seen, housing each of the Turbo Zords. Red Lightning and Wind Chaser are stored in two bays on the left, with Desert Thunder and Dune Star directly underneath. Mountain Blaster
 is to their right, in a high bay of its own. The lights on all five Zords come on.

Up above, a multi-lane road(along with its overpass) slides open to reveal an underground access tunnel which the Turbo Zords will soon be using to reach the surface. Each Zord dwarfs the regular city traffic as they emerge. Once outside the city, the five Turbo Zords travel abreast. “All right, guys,” Tommy says from his zord. “Let's hit it!” He activates something and accelerates.

Flash across each of the other Rangers in their cockpits, then the zords join together on the ground in a flawless and much faster version of the previous docking. Inside the cockpit, the Rangers once again bring out their Turbo Keys. “Initiate Turbo Megazord!” they all say. They insert their Turbo Keys in their respective ignitions. Tommy turns his Key, illuminating his red ignition lights.

“Turbo up!” they all call.

Tommy grabs his steering wheel, which again retracts into its handgrips. “It's Turbo time!He slams on the brake and the locking wheel is shown again. The Turbo Megazord flips up and completes its transformation in the exact same way as before.

Amphibitor has begun rampaging through the city, swinging his knife and fork and generally terrorizing the residents. The Turbo Megazord comes burning along the open road at top speed, heading towards the city, saber held ready in its right hand.

Focus briefly on the Rangers inside the cockpit. They remain silent, concentrating on the task at hand. Amphibitor is now facing towards the Megazord, laughing to himself. Night appears to have fallen in
 the city, too.

“Turbo Megazord, Spin-out!” Tommy shouts.

The Turbo Megazord begins whirling around at top speed, swinging its saber in a tornado attack. As it closes in on Amphibitor, there is a quick shot of the spinning cockpit. After repeatedly cutting through
 him, the Turbo Megazord thrusts out its saber and enters a crouched victory pose whilst the monster explodes in the background.

Inside the cockpit, the Rangers celebrate their triumph once again, and underneath a purple sky, the Turbo Megazord stands vigilant. Its eyes and chest plate headlights shine.

Amphibitor's device shuts off, its monitor now showing Zordon and Alpha's energy stream entering the wormhole alone. The sky is again blue and cloudy.


The Power Chamber monitor shows Zordon and Alpha's essences heading into the wormhole, after which the orange stream vanishes. This has just been witnessed by the Rangers, who have removed their helmets, and Lerigot. Alarmed, Adam questions the small wizard. “What happened? Are they all right?

They are hoommme,” he murmurs. “Goodbye, Power Rangers . . .” He transforms into spiraling golden energy and flies away.

“He's gone!” Tanya says.

“And so are Zordon and Alpha,” Kat says sadly.

The focus shifts from Kat and Tommy, to Tanya, Adam, and finally to Justin, each Ranger a picture of despondency. No one speaks.

A short time later, Kat turns away from Zordon's empty tube, towards Tanya.

“Are you okay?” Tanya asks her.

“Yeah,” she says. “I'm just gonna miss them.

“I know,” she says softly.

Kat sighs. “And now we're all alone.

The solemn silence is suddenly broken by the sound of a brash, punk voice from across the room. As it speaks, the camera pans over to reveal the voice's owner; a new, identical-looking Alpha robot. “Yo, yo, yo, whatcha talkin' about, "alone"? What am I, invisible?

“Alpha?” Tanya asks.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's me all right,” he says. “Alpha 6, the latest and the greatest in a long line o' Alphas!As Alpha 6 speaks, Tanya and Kat wander over to take a closer look. Justin is already standing nearby. Tommy and Adam smile from across the room. Alpha notices Justin. “Hey, kid, why don'tcha take a picture or something, it'll last longer!

A series of bright electrical flashes fill the Power Chamber, taking Alpha and the Rangers by surprise. The six of them form a circle in the middle of the room. A beam of white light rises in the centre of their circle, heralding the arrival of a mysterious, white-gowned woman. Her hair is long and dark, and a veil covers the lower half of her strangely familiar face.

“Yo!” says Alpha. “Welcome.

“Who is she?” Kat asks in awe. “She's beautiful.

Alpha answers. “She’s Dimitria from the planet Inquirus. Makes a heck of an entrance, don't she?” He laughs.

Kat turns to Dimitria. “Do you know who we are?

Dimitria answers. “Do you  know who you are?

“Yeah,” says Tommy. “We're the Power Rangers.

Is not who you are much more than the Power Rangers, Tommy?” she asks, then addresses each of them. “Are the questions you have, the reasons your faces have these expressions?

“Well,” says Adam. “Zordon told us he'd send someone to take his place, but, we really didn't know what to expect.

Would you be surprised to learn that there are many unexpected events in your future, Rangers?” she asks. Tommy ponders this silently and turns towards Kat, who appears rather uneasy. Just then Dimitria flies into the air, fading from sight.

“Wow,” Adam says.

“Huh?” a confused Justin asks.

 Dimitria enters Zordon's empty tube and reappears inside; the Power Chamber apparently has a new residing mentor. “And now, are you surprised even more?” she asks.


Cross to a shot of the Subcraft. A flying fish is flapping around the control room and Elgar is trying to swat it with a blue swatter. He has resumed his normal appearance since the Zord battle. “I hate it when flying fish get into the Subcraft!” he says, annoyed. He continues swinging at the fish, which flies away again. “We have gotta get those screen doors fixed!”

Elgar sets off in hot pursuit, past Divatox, who turns with an angry sweep of her cloak. “No! No! She's here! Dimitria's here!” she says angrily.

“What?” asks Elgar. “You don’t like this Dimitria?”

Divatox turns to face him slowly. “If there's one person in this galaxy I can't stand, it's,” she speaks in a sarcastic goody-goody voice, “ "Dimeetria". Ugh!”

“What'd she ever do to you?” Elgar asks.

Divatox speaks slowly. “ Well, she's the embodiment of Good,” she indicates to the right with her hands. “And I'm the embodiment of Evil . . .” she indicates to the left. “You do the math!

“Okay!” he says, starting to count on his fingers.

Divatox turns away, speaking menacingly. “All right, Dimitria, this time it's personal. There's not enough room on this planet for both of us.

Elgar scratches his head. “I give up!

Divatox completely ignores him. “It looks like you'll have to be eliminated.” She folds her arms with a tight smile.

Elgar nods agreement. Just then the flying fish lands on Divatox's head. He eyes it and advances upon her, swatter at the ready...and the rest is left to the imagination.