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Power Rangers Unlimited

Shift Into Turbo, Pt. 2

Episode opens on a shot of the Energy Center, then cuts to inside where Justin and Elgar are fighting. Justin flips Elgar to the ground but he quickly gets up. “Good one!”


“You give up, Elgar?” Justin asks.


“Me, give up?” he asks. “Get real! Pirahnatrons!”


The pirahnatrons appear and Justin turns to them. “Huh?” He watches them a moment, then turns back to Elgar. “You want to get serious, huh, Elgar?”


“You bet!” he exclaims, laughing.




Opening Credits Roll




Back at the Botanical Gardens, the Senior Class Graduation is about to commence, and many students walk through the grounds on their way to the ceremony, clothes in purple or yellow robes.


Fade over to a new scene of the ceremony in progress, the graduating students have been placed in two sections, with parents and guests behind them. A central aisle leads directly to the stage, where the official party is seated. Mr. Kaplan is at the podium, presenting his speech.


“And for the last four years, I’ve watched you all grow and learn, and it has given me hope, that the future of this great nation is secure.”


As he continues we see Adam and Tanya in the front row. Tanya smiles as she listens to Mr. Kaplan’s words, but Adam’s mind is obviously elsewhere. He looks over his shoulder and then pushes up his sleeve to check his communicator.


“I am so proud of all of you—” Mr. Kaplan is saying.


Adam turns to Tanya. “Do you see Justin?”


Tanya’s smile fades and she looks around. “No. It’s weird, huh?”


“Yeah,” Adam says.


Kaplan continues. “As you should be proud of yourselves. I’d like to thank you for these last four years.” Adam checks his communicator again, and the camera crosses so we see Kat sitting right by Tanya, going over her speech.




“This ought to be good,” Elgar says back at the plant. “Come on!”


“Shift into Turbo!” Justin calls. “Mountain Blaster, Turbo Power!” He morphs and starts to fight.




Adam sighs to himself as he grows more nervous. Mr. Kaplan continues his speech and Adam gets up and hurries past Kat and Tanya. “I’ll be right back.”


“I know many of you have decided on college choices already,” Kaplan says.


Kat looks at Tanya. “Where’s he going?” Tanya shakes her head.


“And some of you are going into careers . . .” Kaplan continues.


Adam gets a safe distance away and lifts his communicator. “Zordon, it’s Adam. I’m a little worried about Justin, is he still there?”


Zordon answers. “He went to the Angel Grove energy facility to check into a strange signal we were receiving. He was given specific instructions to call if there was any problem.”




Back at the plant, Justin continues to fight the pirahnatrons, doing extremely well.




Adam returns to the ceremony, where another speaker has stepped up. “As your senior student body president, I want to thank you all for your help in giving the school your class gift. The sign in front of the school with our mascot standing proudly at—”


“Hey,” Adam whispers to the girls. “C’mon.” Kat and Tanya exchange looks and get up to join him. “I’ve got a really bad feeling,” Adam says. “Come on, we gotta hurry.”


“But, the speech . . .” Kat begins.


She is interrupted as Mr. Kaplan steps up. “Well Kat, are you ready for your speech?”


“Uh, yes,” she says awkwardly. “Mr. Kaplan, only . . . there’s something I have to take care of first.”


“But you’re right after Bobby’s speech,” Kaplan says.


“I’m sorry,” Tanya says. “It’s, sort of an emergency.”


“Yeah,” says Adam, smiling a little. “We’ll make it back in time.” The three of them run off.


“But—” Mr. Kaplan begins.


The speaker continues off screen. “And may we all not lose the bonds that have helped us all through this change.”




In the control room of the subcraft, Divatox is eagerly spying on recent happenings through the periscope. “Oh yes! How precious!” The scope shows Adam, Kat and Tanya running. “Look at the children run. Mmm . . .”


“Lucky for Elgar it’s not a battle of wits!” Rygog laughs.


“Silence!” Divatox orders. Rygog freezes. “The rangers will undoubtedly come to his aid. We must make sure that they don’t get there too quickly.” She chuckles.




Adam, Kat and Tanya have reached a parking lot and are preparing to morph as Divatox and a group of pirahnatrons appear. “Hello Rangers,” Divatox says. “I just wanted to be here personally to extend my congratulations.” She orders the the troops. “Get them!”


The pirahnatrons charge and the rangers fight as Divatox laughs. Tanya grabs a Piranhatron and slams her foot against its chest, and it falls back against one of the parked vehicles and collapses face-down. Kat grabs a Piranhatron's arm and gives it a firm twist, flipping it to the ground.

Adam tackles two at once, blocking the first then quickly turning and blocking the second while landing a punch to it’s chest. He slams his elbow into the first Piranhatron and takes down the second with a low sweeping kick. The first launches a kick of its own just as he spins aside.

Tanya grabs a Piranhatron's left arm and holds it as she knees it, then releases the arm and lands a kick, causing it to collapse. A second Piranhatron rushes her and she quickly ducks its attack and then disposes of a third by first blocking and then knocking it away. Having done so, she turns back and launches a kick at the second Piranhatron.

Kat blocks a Piranhatron's kick with her arm and then responds in kind. Her first kick connects with the Piranhatron's arm, her second with its body. Without missing a beat she lashes backwards with the same foot, taking down another.

A Piranhatron spin-kicks at Adam, who grabs its foot and kicks up at its chest. He lands a kick on another, smashing it against a van, and turns back to deal with the first. Although managing to fend off its left attack he fails to avoid its right; the Piranhatron seizes hold of his gown and grips it tightly. Adam wrenches at its arm, trying to free himself. He turns to the others, “You guys, go!”

“Are you sure?” Tanya calls.

“Yeah!” he says. “Hurry!”

Adam breaks free, jump-kicking both Piranhatrons and knocking them down. He enters battle stance, anticipating further assault.

“Shift into Turbo!” Tanya shouts. “Dune Star, Turbo Power!”

“Wind Chaser, Turbo Power!” Kat shouts.

They morph, then arrive at the power plant and start fighting the pirahnatrons. “Justin, we’re here!” Kat says as they flip over to him.

Back in the lot, Adam has just been knocked down and Divatox pulls him up. “On your feet! You’re not done yet!” She shoves him back into a pirahnatron and another kicks him, causing him to cry out in pain. She laughs wickedly.

“Shift into Turbo!” Adam calls. “Desert Thunder, Turbo Power!” He morphs, then launches a flying kick at one of the Piranhatrons, driving it away. He clenches a fist, awaiting further attacks, and doesn't have to wait long. Reacting quickly, he ducks a blow from another Piranhatron, punches a third, and back-kicks a fourth. He blocks a fifth, punches it twice, and runs off-screen.

Over in the Power Chamber, Alpha has been watching this fight with concern. As he speaks, the monitor shows the Green Ranger being held by two Piranhatrons; apparently his advantage was short-lived. “Ay-yi-yi!” Alpha exclaims. “Zordon! Adam's in big trouble. He needs some help immediately! Ohhh!

“We must contact Tommy,” Zordon says.


At the racetrack, Tommy pulls the car over at the end of the track. Jeff and Man #2, known as Frank, approach him, and Jeff speaks. “All right. You shaved another second off, Tommy, great job.”

Tommy removes his helmet and smiles. “Thanks.”

“Okay,” Jeff says. “Take a break, we’re gonna try tweaking the front end.”

“Okay,” Tommy says. Jeff and Frank leave and Tommy gets out of the car. His communicator sounds and he looks around, then answers. “This is Tommy, come in.”

“Tommy,” Zordon says. “I am sorry to call you, but Adam is in trouble.”

“I’m on it,” Tommy says. He moves away and morphs.

Back at the park, Adam is free from his restraints but losing as he fights. He grabs the side of a trailer for support and clutches his shoulder, then sees something off screen. “Huh?”

Tommy appears and takes down the piranahtrons in front of Adam. “Heard you could use a hand,” he says to Adam. “You okay?” He puts a hand on Adam’s shoulder.

“Yeah,” Adam says. “Thanks.”

“Let’s finish these guys!” Tommy says. They run forward.

“Ha!” Divatox says. “Get ‘em, get ‘em! Get those power rangers, finish them off!”

Adam kicks a Piranhatron, knocking it down, and Tommy grips a Piranhatron's arm and twists aside to avoid an  attack from a second. Now positioned behind the first Piranhatron, he  smashes his foot into the other's chest; the impact being enough to drop the creature and curl its legs over its head. He delivers a kick
 to the first Piranhatron and then to one of its companions, taking both down.

Adam blocks another Piranhatron and hurls it up onto the nearby slope. The pirahnatrons retreat towards Divatox.

“Well,” says Tommy. “We'd love to stay and finish.”

“Yeah,” says Adam. “But we've got to help our friends!

Divatox approaches and angrily shoves the Piranhatrons aside. “Go ahead, boys! Help your friends at the power plant—if it's still there!” She laughs and raises her hand. Charges of lightning are visible as she swoops her arm and unleashes her power, teleporting herself away with a reddish watery effect. Her soldiers are drawn back through warps.

“Man!” says Tommy.

Adam touches his shoulder. “Thanks, Tommy. You made it just in time. Let's hope we're in time for the others.

Cut to the Angel Grove Energy Center sign as the red and green rangers leap through the air. Cross to a walkway located above the ground. Down below, the Pink and Blue Rangers can be seen fighting piranhatrons. Elgar stays close by, occasionly joining in. The Yellow Ranger can be seen fighting on top of a shed or some such structure.

Tommy moves into view on the walkway, readying himself for battle. He blocks a Piranhatron several times before punching it, chopping it down, and running off-screen. Adam is tackling a Piranhatron up on another, extremely narrow, walkway. He blocks and grabs onto its right arm and shoulder, forcing the creature down against his raised knee. However, the close quarters make combat difficult, and the Piranhatron acquires a brief advantage by pushing him against the top of the railing. The Green
 Ranger grapples with its arm for a moment and then twists aside, regaining the initiative. “See ya!” he says, hurling the piranhatron over the railing. “Happy landings!

Tommy is standing between two Piranhatrons on the ground level. He blocks the rear Piranhatron, blocks and hits the front one, and then elbows the back one, stunning it. He takes down the front Piranhatron and kicks the other, smashing it against a wall. This Piranhatron collapses.

All of the Rangers group together to confront Elgar and the battered Piranhatrons, now standing behind him. Elgar himself is looking a bit shaky. “All right, Elgar,” Tommy says. “You’re finished!”

“Yes,” Elgar says. “My work here is done!”

“What’d you do to the power plant?” Tommy asks.

“That’s for me to know,” he answers. “And you not to know! Bye bye!” He and the pirahnatrons teleport out.

“Well,” says Kat. “I guess the theory that Divatox went back to her own dimension is out!

“Yeah,” says Tommy. “We know she did something to this place, and it’s huge. We got a lot of area to cover so let's start looking. You guys ready?” They all nod. “Let’s do it!”

“Right!” they reply.

The five of them run off to begin their search. As they do so, the focus shifts to the ticking detonator. Cut to a close-up shot of its timer, which counts down from 30:47.

Focus on the detonator some time later, counting down from 18:14. Elsewhere in the plant, the Rangers are still searching but without much success. “Aw man!” Tommy says. “I cannot believe the size of this place. It's huge!”

“I don't even know where to begin,” Kat says.

“It's like looking for a needle in a haystack,” Tanya says. “And we're not even sure what we're looking for here.

But we know it's trouble,” Justin says.

“And we know if we don't find whatever we're looking for, it's bound to mean bigger trouble,” Justin says.

“Yeah,” Tommy agrees. “This place is way too big to find anything together. The only way we're gonna find it, we just gotta split up. All right?”

“Yeah, I agree,” Adam says.

Tommy turns to Adam and Tanya. “You guys start at the outside and work in. We'll start in the middle and work out. Got it?

“Got it,” they say.

“Great,” Tommy says. The two run off and Tommy turns to the others. “All right, you guys. Ready?

Ready,” they say.

“Let's do it!” he says. The three of them run off. This is followed by a brief shot of the detonator timer as it counts down from 16:56.

Meanwhile, the three Rangers arrive at another area of the power plant. They continue walking as they converse. “I wish there was a way to know where to look,” Kat says.

Tommy pauses. “There is. But Justin, you've got to go back to the Power Chamber.

“Sure,” Justin says. “But how come?”

“The Turbo Navigator,” he says.

“Of course!” Kat says. “Remember how it led us to Lerigot?

See if Alpha can make some adjustments,” Tommy says. “So we can use it here.

“You got it!” Justin says. He hurries off.

“Let’s go,” Tommy says to Kat.

“Right,” she agrees. They run off and continue their search. The detonator counts down from 12:25.


Cut to an exterior shot of the Subcraft. Inside the control room, Elgar lugs a bottle of water past Divatox, who is watching something through the periscope. “Whoa!”  Elgar exclaims. “Boy. It is so hard to get good water delivery 20,000 leagues under. Huh!

The periscope is trained upon the detonator timer, which counts down from 12:09.

“Hmm,” Divatox says, chuckling a little. “Tick-tock, tick-tock, look at those simpletons. They couldn't find pointy ears at a Star Trek Convention!” She laughs.


Cut to an exterior shot of the Power Chamber and then to one of the interior. Justin teleports in, holding his helmet. He seems to take a moment to realise that he has arrived before making his way over to Alpha, who is watching something on the monitor. In fact, he is so engrossed that he doesn't notice Justin's approach (and neither does Zordon, apparently). Justin slows down and takes a peek at the monitor, which shows a purplish wormhole in space.

“Oh, isn't it exciting?” Alpha asks.

Justin taps him on the shoulder, causing him to jump. “Alpha! What's that?

Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi!!” he exclaims. “Justin!He hurriedly pushes a keypad behind his back. The monitor goes blank. “Don't sneak up on me like that! You-you frightened me! What are you doing here?

Justin is confused. “Tommy said you might be able to make some adjustments on the Turbo Navigator, to help us at the power plant.

“Oh,” Alpha says. “Well, um, it's just that- Ai-yi-yi! Let me see, now . . .” Justin follows Alpha over to another console.

“Justin,” Zordon says. “The Turbo Navigator will automatically respond to any extra-terrestrial organism or device. No alterations are necessary.

Justin activates the console, summoning the Turbo Navigator with a blue sheen of light. Two panels on it’s outer casing alternately glow red and blue, and shut off as Justin takes the device. “Thanks, Zordon,” he says. Alpha moans and Justin turns to him. “Are you okay, Alpha?

“Okay?” he asks. “Of course I'm okay! Why in the world wouldn't I be okay?

“Okay . . .” Justin says. He teleports out.

“Oh, ay-yi-yi-yi!” Alpha exclaims. “That was a close one, Zordon.

“Yes, Alpha,” he says. “But the time will come to tell them soon enough.


Back at the power plant, the other four Rangers rendezvous at the corner of two above-ground walkways. “Tommy!” Tanya calls. “Kat!”

“Hey guys,” Tommy says. “Did you come up with anything?

“We didn't even find a trace of anything unusual,” Tanya says. “How about you?

No, we didn't either,” Kat says.

A morphed Justin runs up. “Hey guys! I got the Turbo Navigator.

Tommy takes it. “Great. Did Alpha make the adjustments?

He was acting weird,” Justin says. “But Zordon said it would automatically adjust to spot anything extra-terrestrial.

Tommy nods. “Okay. Let's try it out.” He opens the Turbo Navigator and pushes a couple of buttons. The
 display screen hones in on something.

“Do you see anything?” Kat asks.

“Yeah,” he says. “Something's near the main generator. All right, let's get over there. Let's do it.

Right behind you,” Tanya says. The five of them run off to investigate.


Cut to an exterior shot of the Subcraft. Inside the control room, Elgar is cleaning Porto's faceplate with a squeegee. He takes a moment to admire his work, and then sneezes all over it. “Now I gotta start all over again!” Elgar says, annoyed. Divatox, at the periscope, looks extremely aggravated.

“Say it, don't spray it, Elgar!” Porto says.

I'm surrounded by goofballs. . .” Divatox says with a sigh. “Rygog!

“Here, Captain!” Rygog says. He approaches Divatox, shoving Elgar and Porto aside. “Out of my way, nincompoops,” he growls.

“I need you to send some of your best Piranhatrons to stop them! Now!” she orders.

Rygog bows. “Your wish is my command, your Evilness.”


Back at the power plant, time is fast running out as the detonator counts down to 01:37. The Rangers arrive nearby, drawn by the rapidly beeping Turbo Navigator. “All right,” Tommy says. “It's really close.” He sees it. “Hey, there it is! Come on.They hurry over to the detonator and Tommy closes the Turbo Navigator. “It's some sort of detonator! Aw, man!

“It’s ticking,” Justin says. “And we don't have much time left!

The timer counts down to 01:27. A few sparking explosions suddenly flare up, startling the Rangers and forcing them to take cover. “What’s that?” Tommy asks.

Rygog has arrived, accompanied by a band of Piranhatrons. “That, my little friend,” he says. “Is a monumental understatement.

“Rygog,” Adam says. “What are you doing here?”

“Just destroying the Power Rangers,” he says. “Attack!” He laughs.

The Piranhatrons close in on the Rangers. Adam charges towards one of them only to be kicked away, that Piranhatron then tries to take on the Red Ranger, who blocks and chops it aside. Having done so, he grabs the detonator. “We gotta get this outta here!” Tommy says. He dodges a lunging attack in the nick of time and ends up near Kat. She kicks away another Piranhatron.

“Is there a switch to turn it off?” Kat asks Tommy.

Tommy looks at the detonator, which counts down to 01:05 as he speaks. “No! Nothing.” Kat quickly fights off another Piranhatron. “I've got to get rid of this thing!

A Piranhatron comes between them, kicking. Both Rangers dodge and Kat restrains the Piranhatron as it
 tries to grab Tommy. “We'll hold them off, you get it outta here!

Right!” Tommy says. He ducks a Piranhatron's blow and hurries away just as Kat flips hers to the ground. He is then briefly shown in slow motion, running with the detonator. He calls into his communicator. “Zordon!A Piranhatron kicks at him but misses. Shortly afterwards he ducks its punch, still running. “We need to get this detonator into a safe spot!

He turns back just in time to see Justin launch a flying kick at the Piranhatron, securing his passage. “Go!” Justin shouts.

Tommy continues to run, soon arriving at a road which leads away from the power plant. Zordon’s voice comes over. “I'm sending in the Robotic Arsenal Mobiliser, Tommy. It'll be there any moment.”

“There it is!” Tommy says. “All right.

The Robotic Arsenal Mobiliser drives up; a small cart formed from the combined Turbo Weapons. The Red Ranger attaches the detonator to this vehicle, its countdown rapidly increasing from 13 . . .

“It's gonna blow!” Justin shouts.

“Hurry!” calls Tanya.

“Tommy!” Kat shouts.

“Do it now!” Adam calls.

It can now be seen that the other four Rangers are standing behind a railing nearby. Tommy straightens up from the Mobiliser and points away. “Get going!The Robotic Arsenal Mobiliser speeds away carrying its dangerous cargo. The other Rangers hurry down to join their leader, and they watch the dwindling vehicle together.

Cut to a shot of the travelling detonator. It counts down from 00:02 to 00:00 and finally goes off, but at a safe distance from the power plant. The Rangers recoil from the distant implosion and then begin to celebrate, shouting together.

“Good job, Adam!” Tommy says, slapping hands with him. “We did it. Yes!


Inside the Power Chamber, Alpha is watching the mysterious wormhole on the monitor again. As he speaks, he heads over towards one of the control panels. “Zordon; the wormhole will be completely open soon, but it will only remain open for a matter of moments. Oh, ay-yi-yi-yi-yi . . .”

“Then it is crucial that we are prepared,” Zordon says. “Send for Lerigot right away, Alpha.

“Sending message now,” Alpha says. “Oh, ay-yi-yi . . .” He pushes a button.


Cross back to the Senior Class Graduation. Kat's absence is obviously holding things up, and Mr. Kaplan is stalling for time at the podium. “And, who could forget that wonderful senior class trip to the Botanical Gardens?One member of the official party starts dozing off. Kaplan chuckles. “Of course, the poison ivy, eh, was a bit of a problem!” As he speaks, another staff member blows on his glasses and puts them back on. A third has fallen asleep on Ms Appleby's shoulder. She nudges him off. “And then there was that—exciting—trip to the Recycling Center!”

The students have been looking rather bored, too; and that's when Adam, Tanya, Kat and Justin finally return. Kat checks her palm-cards and makes sure that her cap is correctly positioned.

Mr Kaplan is obviously relieved. “I see that our commencement speaker has returned, so without any, further ado. . . Katherine Hillard.The audience begins to applaud as Kat heads for the stage. Adam,
 Tanya and Justin, also clapping, go to sit down.


Down in the Subcraft control room, Divatox is looking through the periscope as Elgar stands behind her. “Uhh, call me crazy,” Elgar says. “But, ah—” Divatox swings furiously at him and he ducks, then springs back up again. “Didn't you want to keep them from their graduation? Hmm? Huh?” He chuckles. Divatox curls her lip.


Back at the ceremony, Kat is finishing up her speech. “And although we won't be coming here every day, we take with us a knowledge of ourselves and the world . . .” Camera pans across to Rocky, who looks at Tanya next to him, then over to Adam with a small smile. “The confidence to face whatever life hands us, and friendships that will last . . . forever. For this, we will always be grateful. Thank you.”

The audience applauds as Kat takes her seat between Rocky and Tanya. Off-screen, Mr Caplan re-assumes the podium. The next announcement is viewed from his perspective. “You may now move your tassel to the other side of your cap.” The students do so and he continues. “Class of 1997, I'm proud of each and every one of you. I salute you,” he salutes. “And wish you good luck in whatever the future holds.

The audience begins to applaud and cheer, and Justin stands up and comes down the aisle to congratulate his friends. The students throw their caps into the air and stand up, Tanya jumping to celebrate. Justin gets a group hug from his friends and a brief hair-ruffle from Rocky.


Switch to a shot of the exterior Youth Center sign. The interior has been decorated with various bunches of balloons, and Adam, Kat and Tanya pass them as they head towards the Juice Bar. Several students
 are hanging around as well, still wearing their graduation gowns. Adam talks to Tanya. “So, uh, hey Tanya, I heard about the job at the radio station.

Tanya beams. “You guys, are looking at the new trainee at KAGV.”

Adam smiles. “Cool!

Tanya turns to Adam. “So what are you doing this summer?

“I'm gonna be working as a stuntman at the Angel Grove Amusement Park,” he answers, smiling.

“Wow!” Kat says.

Lieutenant Stone enters, carrying the Skull chimp and holding the Bulk chimp's hand. Adam, Kat and Tanya approach. “Lt. Stone!” Kat says. “Where did they come from?

I found them wandering around outside,” he says. “And then they—dragged me in here. It sounds weird, but . . . I think they're trying to tell me something.

“Lt. Stone!” Bulk says. “It's us; Bulk and Skull!Lt. Stone looks at them but can only hear chattering. “Tanya? Adam? Anyone? Don't you recognise us?Kat raises her eyebrows and the Bulk chimp sighs
 in frustration but soon perks up when he spots something interesting. It turns out to be a banana split on top of a table. “Hey! A banana split!He starts frantically pointing in that direction. “Aw man, I gotta have that banana split!

It's like he's trying to tell me something,” Stone says again. Bulk suddenly slips away. “Hey-hey, come back here!

The Bulk chimp arrives at the table and leaps onto an empty chair, chattering loudly. The disconcerted owner of the banana split pushes it towards him without saying a word.

Lt Stone, who is no longer holding the Skull chimp, rushes over to help out but collides with a waiter on the way. The contents of the waiter's tray(another banana split) go flying up into the air. Lt. Stone (now on his back) cries out as he sees the dessert descending upon him . . . there is an off-screen squishing sound . . . the Bulk chimp looks over at Lt Stone's ice-cream splattered face . . . and the room erupts with laughter. Lt Stone removes the bowl from his head and sits up, making a small effort to wipe the ice-cream off his face, and the chimps approach him.

Stone smiles. “Y'know...there is something awfully familiar about you two.


Cross over to Alpha inside the Power Chamber. Ay-yi-yi, Zordon!” Alpha says. “It's getting close, and we haven't heard from Lerigot yet.

There is no need to worry, Alpha,” Zordon says. “Lerigot has never let us down.

“I know, Zordon,” Alpha says. Streams of shimmering golden energy suddenly appear next to him. This energy spirals downwards, revealing Lerigot from top to bottom. Alpha turns. “Huh? What? Ohh! Lerigot! You made it!” He shakes Lerigot’s hand.

“Hooommme,” Lerigot purrs. “Going sooon . . .”

Alpha nods. “Yes.

Welcome, Lerigot,” Zordon says. “Alpha, check on the status of the wormhole.

The monitor shows the wormhole again, now with asteroids drifting nearby. “The wormhole is nearly ready for interdimensional travel, Zordon,” Alpha says.

“Must go soon,” Lerigot says.

“As soon as it is ready, Alpha, call the Rangers,” Zordon says.

Yes, Zordon,” Alpha says. He starts pushing buttons.


The wormhole now appears on a different screen. “Ah, a wormhole,” Divatox says. The camera slowly pans up to reveal the source of this display, some kind of control panel viewing device. Divatox raises her head away from the viewer as she speaks. “Porto, where does the passage to the wormhole end?

“By my calculations,” Porto says. “The planet Eltar. But who would want to go there?”

“There's only one intergalactic being on Earth that has any reason to to take a trip to Eltar,” Divatox says happily. “Ho, this could be my lucky day after all!” She smiles.





At the Gardens:

Kat says “Don’t!” as she drops her palm-cards, and bends down to pick them up.

“Stay back!” Tanya and Kat say.

Adam turns back, calling "Wait!" to the cameraman. Justin makes the same gestures.

Kat stands up and asks "What did he say?"

Adam calls "Wait!" a second time.

A voice says, “Oh, man!”

Adam asks, “What was that?”

The car-park battle—morphed section:

Divatox claps her hands and laughs whilst watching the fight.

The Red Ranger charges at the Piranhatrons for his sped-up attack, but a cry of "Ah, phone call for Jason Frank!" lures him offscreen. The Piranhatrons fall down anyway.

The Graduation Ceremony:

Ms Appleby nudges the sleeping teacher off her shoulder, producing an odd sound effect. He grins.