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Power Rangers Unlimited

Shift Into Turbo, Pt. 1


Scene opens on a red planet, where a large group of cheering piranhatrons are gathered. Divatox is standing above them on a cliff with Rygog and Elgar, and an assorted group of monsters. “Yes!” Divatox shouts. “Yes, yes—I am worth every moment of this!” The piranhatrons continue to cheer, and Divatox orders, “Silence!” All is quiet and she continues. “Piranhatrons, monsters, faithful followers! You all know the reason we are here.” They start to shout again and she cuts them off. “The ruination of my plan to dominate the universe must be avenged!”


They all burst into cheers and shouts again, and Elgar, smoke seeping out of him, turns to the monster beside him. "Hey, Porto!"


"Huh?" he asks.


"I haven't seen her this mad since, uh, well," he scratches his head. "I don't know since when!"


"Quiet, Elgar," Porto says nervously. "I don't want you getting me into trouble."


"Oh, just clam your trap," Elgar says, annoyed. "You--"


Rygog interrupts them. "Both of you be quiet! Blithering fools!"


Divatox quiets the crowd again. "Yes! The Power Rangers will pay dearly! Their beloved Earth will become mine! Are you with me?" She raises a fist to the sky and the crowd erupts again, pledging their allegiance.




Opening Credits Roll




Focus on a sign saying, “Angel Grove High Senior Class Graduation,” then cut to Tanya and Kat walking through a garden area, carrying decorations. Tanya speaks. “I think the Botanical Gardens was an excellent choice to hold our graduation ceremony.”

”Yeah, me too,” Kat says. “I just wish Tommy could be here.”

”I know, Kat,” Tanya says as they come over to Adam. “But, working on his uncle’s stockcar crew was something he just couldn’t pass up.” 

”Yeah,” Kat says softly.

”Yeah, and besides,” Adam says with a smile. “He’s already picked up his diploma.”

Kat pauses. “Yeah, you’re right. It’s a great experience and I am happy for him.”

Tanya smiled. “Good.”



Cut to a racetrack, where a white car with the number 87 is flying around. It passes two men, and one looks at a stopwatch (I will call him Bob), then turns to the other, (who I will call Frank). “What’d I tell you, that guy got potential or what?”

”Are you telling me he’s only been in that car a month?” Bob asks.

Frank nods. “That’s what I’m telling you.”

 Cut to Tommy behind the wheel, caught up in the moment. “Yeah,” he says softly. He shifts and continues on.

Bob’s voice comes over the radio. “Tommy, your back-end looked like it was coming a little loose on Turn 3, try backing off a little.”

“You got it Jeff,” Tommy answers. He checks his gauges and takes the next turn.


Back on the planet with Divatox, her soldiers are getting restless again, and she motions for silence. “Quiet!” They are and she continues. “For the journey to earth, I will need a crew of my best warriors!”

The piranhatrons stand motionless at full attention, and Elgar starts trying to get her attention. “Oh! Oh! Me, me, me! Aunty Divatox, pick me!”


Divatox ignores him. “Rygog!”


"Uh, yes, my liege?" Rygog answers.


"You will be second in command," she says. "You will navigate the oceans as well as the skies."


"Whatever you need, Divatox," he says. "I'm always at your disposal."


She continues. "You will select an elite battalion of soldiers to bring with us."


"As you wish," he says.


Divatox turns. "Porto."


"I am here," he replies.


"You will be my technical advisor," she says. "All things scientific will be your responsibility."


"It will be my distinct honor," he says, bowing a little. "My knowledge and expertise are at your command."


"Hey, what about me?" Elgar asks, waving for her attention. "Aunty Divatox, what about me?"


"All right!" She rolls her eyes. "Elgar."


"All right!" he steps forward. "Yeah!" His body is still smoking.


"What is that horrible smell?" Divatox asks.


"You threw me into the Pit of Eternal Fire, remember?" he asks. "I'm still a little crispy!"


"Whatever," she scoffs. "You're coming too. I don't want to leave you out of my site for too long."


"Yes!" he shouts gleefully.


Divatox shoves him aside and speaks to her legions again. "Pirahnatrons, I will call you as I need you. Now, fuel the subcraft. Destination Earth!" They all cheer.




Back at the Gardens, Kat places a banner onto the ceremony podium. “Perfect. Rocky, how’s the programs coming along?” She turns and sits beside him.


Rocky sits by a box of unfolded programs as they all set up things. “Well,” he says. “I just have this box to do here. I wish there was more I could do to help, but . . . my back’s sorta still sore.”


Adam takes a sheet out of the box and Kat does the same. She pats Rocky on the back and they start folding them. “Hey man,” Adam says. “We’re just glad you’re okay. That was a pretty nasty fall you took.”
“Hm.” Rocky nods, then changes the subject quickly. “So, are you, uh, guys gonna finish telling me the story or what?”


“I think we should wait for Justin,” Adam says. “I’m sure he doesn’t want to miss telling you about his first experience as a ranger.”


“Where is he anyway?” Tanya asks.


“Well, he had to take a placement test,” Adam says. “They’ve got to figure out what grade he fits in for his new school.”


“Poor Justin,” Kat says. “He’s probably fallen behind the other kids, moving around so much.”


Cut to Justin working on a test in the High School. The clock on the wall says almost 10 after 9. Mrs. Appleby sits at her desk watching him, and smiles a little. Justin puts down his pencil and brings his papers over. “Is everything all right, Justin?” she asks.


He hands her the test. “I’m finished. Can I go now?”


“Well, you still have over an hour left,” she says, surprised. “Would you like to check your answers?”


“I’m pretty sure they’re okay,” Justin says.


“Well,” she says. “If you feel you’ve done your best.”


Justin smiles. “Thanks. Have a nice day.” He leaves the room.


Mrs. Appleby begins checking his answers and her eyes widen in surprise.




Underwater in Divatox’s submarine. “All right Porto,” she says. “Let’s do it!” The craft transforms and leaves the water, shooting into the sky. Divatox and Elgar enter the control room and she begins her inspection, Elgar following. “Magnificent,” she says.


“Yeah!” Elgar agrees with a chuckle.


“Check the thrusters,” Divatox tells Rygog.


“Aye aye, Captain,” he says, turning away.


“Man the boosters,” she tells Porto.


“Right away,” he says.


“Yeah,” Elgar says. “What she said.


Divatox reaches the periscope and takes a quick look, then pulls back. “Yes! Faster, Elgar! Faster!”


“You got it, Aunty D!,” he says. He works the controls and the craft flies towards Earth.




An uncertain Skull is standing outside in his uniform, a "No Parking" sign behind him. "Uh, Bulky?" he asks. "Uh, are you sure we got the right place?" He walks past Bulk, who has a ticket-book in his hand and paces around, revealing that they're at Angel Grove Lake.


“Lieutenant Stone said,” Bulks says. “That the only way we’re gonna get back on the force permanently, is if we put parking tickets on fifty cars by the end of the day!”


“Uh, I’m not a smart man,” Skull says. “But, uh, aren’t we forgetting something?”


“Like what?” Bulk asks.


“Like, uh . . .” A shot of the area around them clears it up, it’s completely empty. “Cars!”


“Well, there is that . . .” Bulk says thoughtfully.




Back at the Garden, Justin rides up on his bike excitedly. “Guys! Guys! What’d I miss? Did you tell him about the putrapods yet?” He gets off his bike and comes over to Adam, Kat, Tanya and Rocky. “Our backs were up against the wall, and I threw a front kick,” he demonstrates. “And a side kick!” 

They all laugh a little. “No,” Tanya says. “No, we actually didn’t do that yet.”


They begin walking together. "Cool," Justin says. "I thought I'd missed it. Did you tell him about Divatox yet?"
"Not yet," Kat says.
"Man, what a witch," he says.
Lt. Stone is talking to Bulk and Skull. "Gentlemen, today is your lucky day." Behind him, Divatox's submarine/spaceship flies into view. Bulk and Skull look at each other in surprise, but Stone is unaware as he continues. "Since Captain Crandall decided to give me one final chance, I've decided to give you two, one final chance."


"Sir," says Bulk, pointing to the lake. "I think there's something you should see!"
"Not now, Bulkmeir," Stone says.
"Yeah, but sir," Skull says. "I really think you oughtta have a look-see at this!"
Stone grabs them by their collars and pulls them forward. "Do you ever want to redeem yourselves?" Behind him the craft hits the surface of the water. "Or do you want to stay here giving tickets to imaginary cars? Now listen up! You gotta report to the Angel Grove Energy Center. The private security company was let go, and they want us to pick up the ball. This is your last chance gentlemen. Don't blow it."
The craft dives into the lake just as Stone turns to get into his car. Bulk and Skull make an effort to show him again, but give it up and salute instead. Stone drives away and the two warily approach the water's edge. There is nothing there, the water is calm. "Bulky," says Skull. "What're we gonna do?"
"I tell you what," Bulk says. "We're gonna get ourselves over to that power plant, and we are gonna keep our mouths shut!" Skull nods in agreement. "Let's go!"
The subcraft is now under the lake, Divatox enters the control room. "All right, all right, all right! Porto, get back to work."
"Yes, Captain," Porto says, then turns away.
Divatox goes over to the periscope. "They ruined the most important ceremony of my life." She smiles a little. "Now, I'm going to ruin the most important ceremony of theirs. Oh, I wouldn't bother with those college applications, Rangers."
The rangers are still walking through the gardens, talking about their adventure. Kat looks at Rocky. "I mean, it was absolutely amazing, really."
"Yeah, Rocky," Tanya says. "You will not believe all the stuff that happened to us. It was incredible."
"Yeah," Kat says.


A series of clips from the Turbo Movie play, the rangers getting their new powers and scenes from their fights and journey, including Lerigot, Jason and Kimberly. During the story, they arrive back at the stage.
Rocky adjusts the microphone. "Wow," he says. "That's incredible. But, what happened to Divatox?"
"I don't know," Adam says. "I guess she went back to wherever she came from."
"Great," he says as they all sit own on the stage steps.


Justin speaks. "I still can't believe you don't want your powers back, Rocky. It's so cool being a ranger."
"Yeah. But . . ." Rocky begins. "I got a lot of stuff to do with my karate school and . . . I don't know." He puts an arm around Justin. "I think the power's in good hands."


"Right," Adam says. "But remember Rocky, you'll always be a power ranger in spirit."


"Hmm," Rocky says. "That's nice."
Adam's communicator sounds and he answers it quickly. "This is Adam."
"Rangers!" comes Alpha's voice. "Come to the power chamber. Zordon needs you right away! Heh-eh!"
Adam frowns a little and Tanya smiles. "Was he laughing?"
"I . . . think we'd better get over there and see what's going on," Kat says.
"All right," Adam says. They all stand and turn to Rocky.
"See ya," Rocky says.
"See you soon," Kat says.
"See you later," says Tanya.
"All right," he agrees.
"Thanks for everything, Rocky," Justin says.
"Good luck," Rocky tells them.
Divatox is inspecting some kind of device on the subcraft. Porto comes over. "It's ready, Captain." Divatox looks amused. "All right, you walking marshmallow, what have you got?"
"As we discussed," he says. "When activated, the detonator will achieve maximum implosive power, in sixty minutes."
"But will it be enough to destroy the Earth's energy facility?" Rygog asks.
"Oh yes," he says. "And then some."
"The blackout will shut down the entire city," Divatox says. "Right when the Rangers are having their graduation ceremony." They all laugh.
Inside the Power Chamber, the rangers all stand around Alpha. The robot is in a pink chef's outfit and carrying a cake topped with Power Rangers figures. "And I made it all by myself," he says proudly.


"It's beautiful, Alpha," Tanya says.

Zordon speaks and they turn to him. "Rangers, I've been proud of you for many things, but never as proud as I am at this moment."

"Ay-yi-yi, Rangers," Alpha says. "I'm so happy, I could cry!"

"Don't worry, Alpha," Justin says. "It'll be okay." He puts his arm around Alpha and they all smile.

"All right," Adam says. "Uh, we'd better get going before we miss it."

Kat looks nervous. "I hope I remember my speech."

"Oh, you'll be great," Tanya says. "Are you coming, Justin?"

"I'll be there," Justin says. "Alpha promised he'd teach me about the communications systems."

"That's right, Justin," Alpha says.

"Don't be late, okay?" Tanya says. She laughs a little and they teleport away. Justin reaches for the cake.

"Now listen here, young man," Alpha says. "No tasting. Got it?" Justin smiles.


Bulk and Skull arrive at the Angel Grove Energy Center for their assignment, but neither of them look too happy about it. "Oh yeah, Bulky," Skull says. "This is a whole lot more exciting than doing parking tickets."

"I sure hope we can handle all this action," Bulk says dryly. They wander off.

Porto appears where they were standing in a burst of energy, Elgar beside him. Both of them begin walking, and both have devices in their hands. "Now remember, Elgar," Porto says. "You must place the detonator in the exact center of the power plant's infrastructure in order to cause the maximum damage."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever," he said. "Come on!" He starts walking away.

"And one more thing," Porto says. Elgar stops and turns back. "Take this Changer-Laser in case anyone gives you any trouble."

"Why, thank you!" he says sarcastically. He snatches the device from Porto. "Good idea!" He taps Porto on the head and walks away. "Hmph. You won't need it though."

"One of these days I'm gonna--" Porto begins.

Elsewhere, Elgar stumbles upon Bulk and Skull. "Hey fellas! I got a little proposition for ya."

"Don't worry Skull," Bulk says tensely. "Stay calm! I have a plan."

"Okay, here it is," Elgar says. "Either you step aside, or I blast ya!" He holds up the Changer-Laser.

"M-me?" Bulk asks. He starts pointing frantically at Skull.

"Yeah, yeah him!" Skull says, pointing to him and laughing in fear. Bulk moves Skull's finger so it points back at him, and after a moment Skull realizes. "No!!!! Him!!!!"

"Oh brother . . ." Elgar says wearily.

Bulk suddenly calms. "Hey! Remember the last class we took at the Academy?"

"Yeah," Skull says.

"Let's do it!" they shout together.

"This oughtta be good," Elgar says.

Bulk and Skull whip out their police batons and perform a series of manuevers as Elgar just watches. They finish in a defensive stance, batons ready to strike. "Now what do you say?" Bulk asks with a laugh.

Skull laughs. "Yeah!"

"I say," Elgar says. "You lose!" Elgar zaps both of them with the Changer-Laser and laughs as they start to transform. Slowly, both of them turn into chimpanzees.



"Whoa, this thing's kinda cool," he says. "See ya!" He laughs and walks away. Before long he reaches the center of the plant. "Okay now . . ." he puts down the Changer-Laser and sets it. "Here we go! Perfect." He flicks a switch. "Contact!" The timer starts to count down. "Well, that does it. Sixty minutes and it's the beginning of the end. Yes!" He laughs and picks up the Changer-Laser. "Now, uh, how do I get out of here?" He wanders off as the timer continues.



The Bulk and Skull chimpanzees are trying to figure out what's going on, and their voices sound human still. "So," says Bulk. "Are we alive or what, Skull?"

"Think so," Skull said. "No offense Bulky, but you look pretty funny!"

"Uh-huh, you should see yourself there, pally!" He laughs.

"That alien's ray-gun must have done this to us," Skull says.

"Oh, the alien! We gotta call for backup!" He picks up his radio. "Testing!" he blows in it. "Mayday! Mayday!"

Cross over to two officers sitting in a stationary police car. They hear nothing but chimp cries coming over the radio. "Hey Bob," one says. "What do you make of this?"

"Just some kids messing around," Bob answers. The other nods. "Turn that thing off, nothing ever happens on this shift anyway."


An amplified version of the chimp broadcast is playing in the Power Chamber. "What's that sound?" Justin asks Alpha. "And where's it coming from?"

"Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi-yi-yi-!" Alpha exclaims.

Justin arrives at the power plant and begins to look around. The chimps wander into view, Bulk riding on Skull's back, and catch his attention. "Huh?" Justin asks. He approaches them and they separate. "What are these two monkeys doing out here by themselves?" he asks himself. "Are you trying to tell me something?"

Elgar wanders in, still lost, and unaware of Justin. "Hmm . . . maybe I should've turned left back there . . ."

Justin hears him and stands quickly, turning to face him. "Elgar," Justin says, then turns back to the chimps. "I thought the monkeys were trying to tell me something. Come on." He moves away.

"Or maybe it was right . . ." Elgar says.

Justin leads the monkeys away and begins spying on Elgar. "You two monkeys stay right here."


"Did you hear that, Bulky?" Skull asks. "He called us monkeys!"

Justin warily watches Elgar, whose back is still turned as he talks to himself. "You can never find a gas station when you really need one."

The chimpanzees start "talking", resulting in a series of loud chattering sounds that mean nothing to anyone else. "Shh!" Justin whispers. "Quiet!"

"That explains why I've been dying to eat a bunch of bananas," Bulk says.

"You got any?" Skull asks. "I mean, should we be worried about this?"

"The only thing we should be worried about," Bulk says. "Is not finding any bananas!"

"Shh!" Justin says again.

"Let's go to Ernies!" Bulk suggests.

"Right behind ya, Bulky," Skull says. They run off.

"Come back here!" Justin says.

"Who's there?" Elgar asks. He turns and finally notices Justin. "Huh!"

"Uh-oh," Justin says.

"Ah-ha!" Elgar says. His Changer-Laser is changed to his playing-card sword. "Time for the cards to cut you!" He approaches. "Come here!"

"Hy Elgar." Justin says, not moving. "Remember me?"

"Yeah!" Elgar says as he advances. "Didn't you used to be bigger?"

Justin walks forward. "I can still take care of myself."

"We'll see," Elgar says.

Justin dodges behind Elgar and delivers three kicks, then two more from the front as Elgar recovers. Elgar falls back again a post, then swings at Justin, who blocks it and forces him back.

"Why you little pipsqueak," Elgar says. "What do you think you're doing?"

"This!" Justin says, kicking him away. Elgar growls and Justin enters battle stance, staring the mutant down.


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