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Power Rangers Unlimited

Secrets and Lies


Opening Credits Roll


In the dark and dusty passageways leading to the cavern known as the Nexus, Jindraw seeks out his fellow Duke Org and partner, Toxica. He steps past a tall gray stone totem pole, cups his hands around his mouth and calls, “Toxica! Where are you?” He pauses a moment, putting his hands on his hips. “She’d better not be out getting in trouble again. He strolls down the narrow hallway. “Pretending to be a general . . . huh! Someone should teach her a lesson. Yeah!”

Almost on cue, a bright light flashes as he rounds the corner, and Toxica cries out in pain. Jindrax jumps back, startled, and holds close to the stone wall, leaning forward to peek around the corner. From around it, Toxica’s voice pleads, “No! Please, Master! Y—you misunderstand!”

Master Org’s angry voice echoes outward. “What were you trying to prove?”

We now see the main room of the Nexus, where Master Org is shooting bolts of orange electricity from his hand at Toxica. She struggles to remain standing as she answers. “I was testing the—power of the crown for you!”

Jindrax nods as he listens from safety. “Yeah! That’s all she was doing!”

Master Org ceases firing for a moment. “I don’t believe you, Toxica!” Jindrax turns away, trying to summon the courage to stand against his ruler for his partner.

Toxica has fallen to her knees, pleading for her life. “But it’s true! I wouldn’t lie to you!” She’s enveloped in smoke and clutches her chest, almost sobbing in pain.

Jindrax gasps softly. “No.”

Master Org grips his trident staff with both hands and aims it at Toxica as she crouches before him. He charges it and growls lowly, and Jindrax dashes into the room.

“No! Wait! Master Org, please!” Jindrax kneels in front of Toxica before Master Org and puts a hand on her arm. She shrieks in fright, still cowering at the sight of the Master’s fully-charged weapon, and Jindrax continues. “I . . . know her like the tip of my horn! She’s not lying!”

“It . . . it’s true!” Toxica adds. “I only want to serve you. Not anger you! Please! Forgive me.” She clasps her hands together.

Master Org stares at the two, his expression unchanged, but he powers down his staff and lowers it. Jindrax pats Toxica on the back, turning to comfort her during her sobbing, but quickly turns back to the Master, who paces away from them. “I will let it go this one time.”

“Oh thank you!” Jindrax says, bowing gracefully.

“Don’t ever try to do anything sneaky again!” Master Org warns.

“Never!” Jindrax vows. “We promis!”

Master Org turns around to face the pair, and shouts, “Now!” causing them to jump back in surprise. “Make yourselves useful! And go find a new Org!”

They bow down even further, facing the foggy floor, and Jindrax replies, “Yes, Master!”

Toxica is calming down, but still breathing heavily as she says, “Yes. Thank you, Master!”

Master Org turns and marches off, disappearing in the fog of the Nexus. Jindrax touches Toxica’s shoulder in concern, and she calms, glaring towards the Master Org as he disappears.


A beautiful day in Turtle Cove Park, Alyssa comes riding down the sidewalk on her bicycle, smiling after another day at the University. She glances around absently, then skids to a halt as she sees something, and her smile fades as she stares in confusion.

Cole is in the park, looking around as he searches for something. He pats the torn and tattered family photograph against his palm distractedly, then calls. “Hey guys, come here!” He crouches down and smiles. “C’mere!”

Two small dogs, one a mutt looking like Benji, and the other a fuzzy miniature schnauzer, race up to him. Benji begins chasing his own tail, barking loudly as the other hops on Cole’s leg. Cole laughs, then holds up his photograph. “Do these people look familiar to you?” The dog barks once and Cole’s face falls. “Thanks anyway. Keep a look out for me, okay?” The two dogs race off where they came from.

Cole sees Alyssa walking down the hillside toward him, smiling happily. She waves and calls, “Hey Cole!”

Cole gets up from the ground. “Hey.” He rushes to her side and joins her in walking in the grass.

“Any luck?” Alyssa asks.

Cole shakes his head, sighing deeply. “No.” Alyssa’s smile fades and they walk in silence for a while, then he looks at the picture again, saying determinedly, “But I’m not giving up.” Alyssa grins and nods, and he looks at her. “So . . . how was class?”

“We worked on computers today,” she says. “Researching old newspapers.” She stops walking, staring at the ground as a thought comes to her. “Wait!” Cole stops and turns, and she points to the picture. “May I see that?” Confused and slightly hesitant, he looks at the picture, then gives it to her. Alyssa takes it and looks at it a moment. “I have an idea!”

Alyssa lets go of his hand as they reach the computer lab. “Right here.” She stands in front of a computer.

“What’re you doing?” Cole asks, confused.

Alyssa puts a hand on his chest. “You’ll see.” She turns on the computer and starts typing, and Cole watches quietly. “I’m looking to see if there’s anything about your parents,” she finally explains.

Cole turns and looks at the monitor over her shoulder eagerly as she types and searches come up. “You found something?” he asks.

“I think I found it!” she says. “Let’s print it.” She clicks the button and printing starts, and her and Cole exchange excited looks.

Suddenly, Alyssa’s growl phone goes off noisily. An old lady at a nearby computer puts a finger to her lips, as do a woman and man in the crowd behind her, all shushing, “Shh!” in unison. The two grimace as everyone looks at them, and Alyssa looks at the librarian, who gives an annoyed clearing of her throat.

Alyssa lets go of his hand as they reach the computer lab. “Right here.” She stands in front of a computer.

“What’re you doing?” Cole asks, confused.

Alyssa puts a hand on his chest. “You’ll see.” She turns on the computer and starts typing, and Cole watches quietly. “I’m looking to see if there’s anything about your parents,” she finally explains.

Cole turns and looks at the monitor over her shoulder eagerly as she types and searches come up. “You found something?” he asks.

“I think I found it!” she says. “Let’s print it.” She clicks the button and printing starts, and her and Cole exchange excited looks.

Suddenly, Alyssa’s growl phone goes off noisily. An old lady at a nearby computer puts a finger to her lips, as do a woman and man in the crowd behind her, all shushing, “Shh!” in unison. The two grimace as everyone looks at them, and Alyssa looks at the librarian, who gives an annoyed clearing of her throat.

“Sorry!” Alyssa whispers. She and Cole huddle close and she pulls out her growl phone. “Hello?”

Up in the Animarium, Shayla grips her necklace and informs them urgently. “There’s a new org near the riverside!”

“We’re on our way!” Alyssa states, not at all quietly. She hangs up her phone and gestures in frustration to the still-printing computer. She pats Cole on the shoulder, urging him to stay while she rushes to the front desk. The librarian watches her with disdain as she grabs a pencil and starts writing some numbers down. “I’m waiting for something to print,” she says respectfully. “Can you save it for me?”

The librarian shakes her head, only slightly losing her attitude as she answers, “Sure.”

Alyssa slides the paper to her and races towards the exit, shouting, “Thanks!”

Cole begins to follow, obviously reluctant to leave as he stares at the printer. Then he turns and follows her, having no choice. Just as he leaves, the printer finishes. A black and white photo appears, large writing atop it.


On a fenced walkway beside the river, an org runs as he laughs evilly. His name is Signal Org, due to the three traffic signals on his face. His path is suddenly blocked by a morphed Cole and Alyssa. “Signal Org!” Cole shouts. “That’s far enough!” Signal Org jumps back in surprise.

“Stop right there!” Alyssa demands. She and Cole run towards the monster, but are stopped by bolts of electricity that hits them, sending them flying to the ground.

“Signal Org says stop,” the org says. “Not you, right?” He turns around and sees the Duke Orgs standing atop a building, the source of the blasts.

“Right,” Jindrax says.

“Huh,” Toxica says. “Let’s see what else you can do!”

“They’re not gonna run my lights,” Signal Org says, turning back to the rangers.

Cole stands slowly. “We’ll see about that!”

Signal Org gestures to his traffic lights and brags. “I can take both of you out in one flash of light!” The green light is illuminated, sending a surge of green energy at the two rangers.

“Alyssa, look out!” Cole screams at the ranger still on the ground. He steps between her and the blast, and it hits him right in the helmet. Cole screams in agony as he’s engulfed in the energy, then falls over limply and silently.

“Cole!” Alyssa shouts. “Are you all right? Cole?”

Cole gets to his feet slowly and puts a hand to his helmet, then he lowers it and looks around, whispering to himself. “Where am I? What’s going on . . . how did I get here?”

Alyssa touches his arm gently. “Cole? What’s the matter with you?”

Cole backs away in fright and grabs the railing behind him. “Who are you? Don’t touch me!”

Signal Org motions his arms and proclaims, “Red light! Everybody go boom!” The red light is illuminated, sending a flash of energy at both the rangers. They cry out in pain as it explodes and they fly through the air. Cole is flung into the river offscreen.

As a fire rages in the foreground, the Duke Orgs join Signal Org in basking before the blast site. Toxica claps her hands. “Nice work, Signal Org!” She laughs and Jindrax joins her.


At an empty park, Taylor, Danny and Max wander about looking for Alyssa. Taylor leads the way, shouting, “Alyssa!”

Alyssa, now demorphed, rests against the corner of a cement block, clutching her right shoulder, scrapes on her face. Taylor sees her and shouts, “There she is!” They run to her.

Danny gets to her first and take a hold of her gently as she starts to limp to them. “S—Signal Org attacked us,” Alyssa says weakly.

“Are you okay?” Max asks.

“Don’t worry about me,” Alyssa says frantically. “We have to find Cole. One of the blasts from the Signal Org hit him really hard! He didn’t remember who I was!” She reaches into her pocket and takes out a growl phone. Taylor takes it, and recognizes Cole’s immediately. “I think he lost his memory.”


Somewhere outside of Turtle Cove is a small farmhouse, bails of hay in the foreground, stalks of corn behind wooden fences, various machinery, wheelbarrows and buckets lying around. Just down the dirt road, a young woman later known as Claire is riding a blue tractor. She is dressed in a grey sweatshirt over a striped shirt and her black hair is in pigtails.

She looks to the side and stops the tractor quickly as she sees something. With a gasp she jumps out of the seat and races to the edge of the nearby river. On the opposite side of the shore, Cole lies unconscious, soaking wet with a bad scrape on his face.

Cut to that night, an owl hoots outside the farmhouse, and inside Cole slowly opens his eyes. His vision is fuzzy at first, but clears and he sees Claire sitting beside him. Cole startledly sits up and she calls, “He’s awake!”

Cole is lying on a couch in their living room, a green blanket over him, wearing red long-johns and an untied red-plaid robe. He turns to see Claire’s parents in the next room. The mother puts down a pitcher and the father a newspaper, and they walk into the living room with warm expressions.

The father, named John, give a hearty, “Well! You’re finally awake!”

Cole looks around, gripping the top of the couch nervously, and Claire giggles as she stares at him. “Where am I?” Cole asks softly.

The mother, Betty, puts her arm around John. “Oh, this is our home! We’re the Johnson family, this is my husband John.”

John Johnson grins and nods, “Howdy! This is our daughter, Claire.”

Cole turns to her and Betty sighs flirtatiously, “Hi.” Cole smiles slightly.

“She’s the one who found you,” Betty says. “And . . . you can just call me 'Mom'. Everybody does!” John chuckles.

Cole looks away and stares deeply, then stands up quickly and paces across the room. John looks at him. “Son, is there someone you want us to call?”

After a silent moment, Cole turns. “I don’t know . . . I don’t know who I am.”

John exhchanges looks with Betty. “Well,” he says. “You’re welcome to stay here until you figure it all out.”

Claire gets up and goes to Cole’s side hopefully. “The farm could always use an extra set of hands!” Cole looks away for a moment, then looks at the parents and nods reluctantly.


Elsewhere that night, Alyssa sits on the edge of the viewing pond on the Animarium, still clutching Cole’s growl phone and staring into space, she looks about to cry. Taylor approaches slowly. “We’ll find him,” she says.

Alyssa glanced at her. “I can’t stop thinking about him. He’s out there with no memory! Who knows what condition he’s in?”

Taylor walks around and sits beside her, putting her arm around Alyssa comfortingly. “We’ll continue our search first thing in the morning.” Alyssa nods. Danny, Max and Shayla watch them silently from afar, all worried about their missing friend.


The next morning, Danny and Max are out in the countryside standing by a river, not far from where Cole was found. Both of them call for Cole, but nothing answers. Taylor walks through the city park, straining her eyes against the bright sun as she looks for any sign of him.

And Alyssa looks through the courtyard where she met him the day before. Her growl phone goes off and she answers it. “Hello?”

It’s the librarian, who says snobbily, “We have that article that you printed out.”

“Thanks!” Alyssa says. “I’ll be right over to pick it up!” She races off.

Cut to her at the library, she rushes to the front desk. “Hi. I’m Alyssa, you called me . . .” The librarian pushes an envelope across the desk wordlessly. “Thanks,” Alyssa says, shooting the rude woman a look. She turns around and slowly takes the paper out of the envelope. She smiles as she sees the familiar picture of Cole and his parents, then she reads the writin, and her expression turns to grim shock.


At the Johnson Farm, Danny and Max stroll along the dirt road, and Danny asks. “What are we doing here?”

“Uh, there’s farms out here?” Max answers obviously.

“So?” Danny scoffs.

“Farms?” Max repeats. “Animals? Get it? Cole knows animals, so he might have wandered out here.”

“Hey!” says Danny as he gets it. “That’s smart!”

Max pauses with a smirk at his idiot friends, and Danny smiles, then looks around. His smile vanishes and he bends down to look through the fence.

Across the barnyard, squatting in a chicken coop, is Cole. He’s wearing denim overalls, a red flannel shirt and a wicker farm hat, with a red kerchief around his neck and a straw in his mouth. Claire is with him, and she comments, “Those chickens seem to like you!” Cole smiles as he continues feeding them.

Danny excitedly calls to his partner. “Max! Look! That’s him!” Max hurries back to Danny’s side and smiles with relief as he sees Cole. Danny puts his arm around Max. “You were right!”

Max glances at Danny, then shrugs a little. “Yeah.”

A few minutes later, Claire leads Cole into the barn, carrying a stool and a metal pail as she explains to Cole. “Now, milking a cow can be a little tricky at first. But once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty easy!” She places the wooden stool beside a cow and sits down, beginning to milk it as Cole watches. Nothing happens, and she looks up at Cole. “That’s odd. She’s never done that before.”

The cow moos and Cole grins, going over to her and stroking her back. “She’s got a nail stuck in her hoof. It’s really hurting her.” He bends down and takes her leg, removing a small nail from behind her hoof, and the cow moos in relief. Cole stands. “There! Now go ahead and try.”

Claire smiles, and successfully continues, then she turns her head sharply. “How did you know that?”

Cole pats the cow’s back. “She told me,” he states.

“Yeah right,” she scoffs. She gets off the stool and goes over to him, tapping his chest with a giggle. “Okay, it’s your turn.”

“Okay,” he says awkwardly. “Umm . . . take the nail!” Claire does. “All right.”


Peeking through a pair of wide spaces in the side of the barn are his four teammates, Alyssa with a smile, though Taylor appears to be fuming. She straightens and walks away. “I’m going to go in and get him.” Danny and Max follow.

“Wait!” Alyssa says. “Maybe you shouldn’t.”

Taylor walks back to her. “We’ve got to get his memory back before Jungle Boy thinks he’s really a ‘Farm Boy’!”

”But,” she says. “He’s so happy now! . . . Maybe, it’s better we let him live this life . . .” She walks away from the other three, staring at the envelope still in her hands. “But if we make him remember, we’re going to have to tell him about this.”

She slowly takes the paper out of the envelope and turns, giving it to Taylor as they all gather. At the top of the sheet it reads “Turtle Cove Times” and under the writing is a large picture of baby Cole and his parents, this one includes a tall, rather familiar man in dark clothing.

We see the headline as Taylor reads it. “Tragic accident in Amazon Jungle. Three scientists and a baby from Turtle Cove presumed dead.” Danny shakes his head in disbelief and Max swallows hard, Taylor seems too shocked to continue, she simply stares at the paper sadly, then looks up ar Alyssa.

Alyssa nods a little, and Max breaks the silence. “Maybe Alyssa’s right—he’s better of not knowing.”

Taylor shakes her head. “Good or bad . . . he should know the truth. And besides, we need Cole!” Max nods slowly and she turns to Danny. “He’s our leader.” Danny nods, then she turns to Alyssa, placing a hand on her shoulder. “And leading the rangers is the path, he chose.”


Exiting the barn, Claire carries the pail and stool, and Cole carries a pair of silver metal totes, filled with milk. “Are you okay?” she asks as he struggles to balance them.

“Yeah!” he answers. “Yeah . . . I got it!”

Claire snickers a little. “Kay.” She sets down the stool and pail by the chicken coop. Taylor approaches slowly, and Cole falls to his knees as he tries to put the totes down, managing not to spill anything. Claire notices Taylor. “Can I help you?” Cole turns and slowly gets to his feet, looking at Taylor strangely, then the others as they join her. “Who’re you?” Claire asks.

“We’re friends of Cole’s,” Taylor says.

Claire turns to her friend. “Cole! Is that your name?”

Cole shrugs. “I don’t know.”

Taylor walks across the barnyard to them. “We really appreciate you looking after our friend. But it’s time for him to come home.” She touches Cole’s arm and he looks at her nervously, then to Claire, pulling away.

Claire pushes Taylor’s arm off Cole and steps up to her. “I think that’s for him to decide.”

Taylor blinks in surprise, then looks over at Cole. Alyssa steps forward, still clutching the manila envelope, and Danny puts a hand on her shoulder. Cole looks at them a moment, then swallows hard and takes a breath. He goes over to Claire and takes her hands, looking her in the eyes. “It’s okay. Don’t worry.” Cole looks at the four strangers. “I trust them.” He takes his hat off and places it on Claire’s head, and she smiles. “Thanks for everything,” he says.

Cole turns to the others and nods, then begins to walks away, letting go of Claire’s hand slowly. He turns and gives her a smile, then walks away.

They walk for a while, then Cole asks, “So . . . what do you want?”

Taylor turns back from where she’s been walking ahead of them. “You lost your memory,” she explains. “You have to come with us, so we can help you get it back.” Cole pauses, then looks at Max and Danny, who comes over.

“Don’t worry,” Max says, putting a hand on his shoulder. “Everything’s gonna be okay!”

Cole is still reluctant, but he follows as Taylor leads them towards the city. Max and Danny put their arms around Cole and Alyssa lags behind, squeezing the envelope in her hands. She stands quietly for a moment, then calls, “Wait, guys!” All of them stop and turn around, and Alyssa swallows hard, looking down at the envelope. “Should we . . .”

A swirling red light blasts in right behin her, and she turns around, backing up to join her teammates quickly. Signal Org stands there, Toxica and Jindrax at his sides, and a gang of putrids around. “We’re back!” the org sings.

“What are those?” Cole asks, horrified.

His teammates stand around him protectively, and Taylor tells him. “Get out of here!”

Jindrax orders the putrids, “What are you waiting for? Go get ‘em!” They charge into battle as the Duke Orgs and Signal Org back on the sidelines.

The four rangers fight the putrids as Cole watches from the sidelines. Then a putrid pops up beside him. He ducks away, but it hits him with it’s club and knocks him against a wooden fence. He falls to his knees and clutches his chest, and Taylor rushes over to him. “Get out of here!” Cole stands and starts to run off.

Signal Org notices him and chases him. “I didn’t say go!” He follows Cole to a large ravine beneath a wide overpass bridge, where he commands, “Stop!” and fires a beam of red energy. It hits Cole and he hits the gravel hard, then watches Signal org approach. “I’m gonna put your lights out!” he threatens.

“Cole!” Taylor’s voice shouts. The four rangers run up and stand in front of Cole. “Don’t try to fight him!” Taylor says. “Just stay behind us!” She turns to her teammates. “Ready?”

“Ready,” they answer. Cole watches in astonishment as they morph, then stands slowly, unable to take his eyes from them. “Get out of here, Cole!” Max shouts.

Alyssa turns to him. “Run to safety, go!”

Cole shakes his head. “No! I . . .”

Danny grabs his shoulder. “It’s too dangerous! Go!” He shoves Cole away and he staggers back, but stops.

“Slow down!” Signal Org commands. The yellow light illuminates and a beam of yellow energy shoots. Danny and Max are engulfed, but Taylor gets out of the way. The two begin to slow down extremely.

Taylor hurtles through the air, shouting, “Soaring Darts!” She removes a trio of feathes from her sword and tosses them at the monster. All three stab into him and instantly ignite into a burst of smokes and sparks. Taylor runs at him.

Alyssa turns to Cole, who is still standing there. “Go! We can handle this!” She runs into battle.

Cole starts to walk away, but turns back to the fight. The org claws into Taylor’s chest, knocking her away as Alyssa approaches, tosses a failed kick, and gets kicked in return, making her chest burst as she staggers off. Cole appears alert and frightened, turning his head to the side. Signal Org boasts, "I don't think so! RED light!" His red face-light is lit up, unleashing a beam of red energy that is discharged toward the defenseless Cole.

The other rangers stand protectively around him, but they aren’t enough to shield him completely and he still takes a good deal of the blast. They all fall, but Cole sits up quickly in concern. The four rangers lie on the ground in pain, unable to move. “You’ve got to get out of here!” Taylor pleads with Cole.

Cole stands quickly and and Max turns to him. “Cole, you got to get out of here!”

“There’s nothing you can do!” Alyssa insists.

“I can’t leave you guys,” Cole says determinedly. “Something inside tells me I could help too.”

“Well you can’t!” Max argues.

Cole nods. “Somehow, I think I can!”

Taylor gets to her feet. “Well . . . I think you can, too. Here, catch!” She throws his growl phone at him. Cole snatches it from the air and looks at it. “Open it,” Taylor explains, “Press a button, and say ‘Wild Access’!”

Cole grips the Growl Phone tightly, gazing upon it with some uneasiness, but slowly opens it up and presses the most prominent button on the keypad. Rapid beeping erupts, as golden energies flow into the symbol atop the earpiece. Cole holds the Growl Phone to his ear, and holds out his other hand, just as he was shown to do, commanding, "Wild Access!" He morphs.

Standing fully poised, the Red Lion Wild Force Ranger raises his balled fists, feeling the power flowing through his morphed form, and gasping in amazement, "Whoa . . . I feel so much stronger now!”

Signal Org approaches. “You’re still a lightweight to me!”

Taylor holds up her sword. “We need to combine our weapons!”

The weapons come together as Signal Org watches with a laugh. “You’ll need more than that!”

Cole grips his Jungle Sword, then charges into battle. “Cole!” Taylor shouts. “You don’t know how to use that thing!”

“I can handle this!” he shouts back.

“Stop!” Signal Org demands. “I said stop!”

Cole rushes up to the org, slashing him with his sword and sending him flying back into the air. Signal Org crashes onto the gravel a yard or two out from under the bridge, falling on his face with a groan. As he struggles to recover, the other four Wild Force Rangers regroup behind their leader again, and Cole shouts, “Lights out, Signal Org!"

“Let's use the Jungle Sword together!" Taylor says.

"Savage Slash!" Cole shouts. The golden gleaming Jungle Sword is encircled against the black backdrop, before being sliced into the air. The expanding golden beam of molten energy pierces through Signal Org's body, freezing him in place for a moment as blue electricity crackles about.

Witnessing this from the sidelines, are a frustratedly growling Toxica, and Jindrax, who whines, "Oh no, not again!" Signal Org begins to burst with reddish smoke, wailing in agony as he falls onto his back in slow motion, with electricity crackling about and sparks flying. Upon hitting the gravely ground, he disintegrates into a lump of bubbling green goop, sprinkled withblue electricity.

The rangers cheer at their success and Cole shouts, “All right! We did it!” Suddenly he stops. “Hey . . . wait a minute . . . I think my memory’s starting to come back to me.”

“Cole that’s great!” Alyssa says excitedly.

Cole claps his hands together. “Yeah! I really remember!”

Taylor sounds a bit unconvinced. “Okay . . . then why don’t you tell us who you are?”

“Oh,” he says. “That one’s easy!” Raising a fist, he proclaims proudly before making a fierce pose, "I'm a Wild Force Power Ranger. Hyah!"

Toxica waves her staff from side to side, with Jindrax standing by her side, as she chants, "Evil spirits of toil and strife, give this fallen Org new life!”

The five seeds are fired off, they land in the green goop, then grow into spiraling stalks, which then form into the Signal Org. Towering over the rangers, the giant Signal Org releases a vicious snarl, and gloats, "The lights are back on, and you rangers are on the spot!"

All five of the WF Rangers aim their Crystal Sabers into the air, and command in unison, "Wildzords, descend!" The main five Power Animals race down the spectrum cloud bridge from the Animarium.

Pointing Sabers together with the others, Cole looks skyward, and orders, "Wildzords, combine!" In an instant, the Wild Force Megazord is leaping into the air, posing amid the purple lightning.

In the cockpit, Max replaces his Shark Crystal with the Giraffe Crystal in his Crystal Saber, and aims it skyward, while summoning, "Giraffezord, attach!" The Giraffe Wildzord snarls, as it begins to transform into the replacement right arm for the Megazord.  

The Wild Force Megazord, now in Spear Mode, points its Spear Of Pardolis arm into the air, causing a magnificent sparkle. The Megazord then aims the silver-pointed head-hand at the Signal Org, who stands across the city from it, right down the street, howling intimidatingly while trembling in fear. The WF Megazord charges up its Giraffezord arm, fires off the silver pointed head-fist, with a cable trailing behind. The spear rips through the air, creating a wave of fire curving around it.

The Spear of Pardolis pierces right through the Org's chest in a blindingly bright burst, with audible feedback. Signal Org yelps in pain as the wound explodes with smoke and scorching flames. The Megazord retracts its spear-hand, and poses with it poised across the chest. Signal Org bursts and crackles some more, before falling over, and exploding massively. The Wild Force Megazord in Spear Mode poses triumphantly under a cloudy blue sky.


In a dark place, with cobwebs covering the passageway, a creaking steel door is slowly pushed open by the Duke Orgs. Toxica steps out of the faint light of what appears to be Master Org's throne room, and into the dim light of this dank area. Jindrax is with her, holding her 'Toxsticker' staff in his hands, causing it to shake from his terrified shivering. He worriedly remarks in a whisper, "I-I really don't think we should be doing this!"

Toxica sneaks up against the stone wall, but turns to snatch her staff out of his trembling hands, and softly demands, "Quiet! C'mon."

Jindrax is a bit thrown when she yanks the staff out of his possession, yelping, "Whoah!" He's disoriented and afraid so much that he lags behind when she creeps off into the dark room, tearing through the cobwebs with her staff. Jindrax makes dismayed sounds while glancing from left to right to be sure the coast is clear before joining her.

This dark doorway leads to another hall, lit with a few blazing torches spaced out along the wall. The walls are very much non-cavernous, and a look at the ceiling reveals this to quite clearly be part of some run-down building. Org-related statues and artifacts are strewn about, so it's not your average place for sure. While strolling down the hall, Toxica comments, "We have to learn the truth about Master Org."

Jindrax follows, arguing like the humble lackey of a megalomaniac tyrant like that he is, "Look, I can see the truth: he's our boss, and if we don't do what he says he's gonna destroy us!"

Toxica halts, and sharply turns around, telling him to his face, "Don’t be so blind. Whenever I'm near the Master, I can smell human!"

Jindrax, who came to a stunned stop when she turned around, disgustedly groans, "Yuck!", at the mention of the word.

Toxica, holding her left index finger upwards, notes, "And, I saw him move his horn once!" A brief flashback to said scene from "Wishes On The Water" plays, showing Master Org fiddling with his forehead appendage as she looked on.

Jindrax scoffs at his longtime partner's accusations, claiming, "Maybe it was just your imagination!"

Toxica asks curiously, "But what if it wasn’t? What if I'm right?"

He thinks about it for a moment, prompting her to press on further into the hallway. Jindrax regains his composer and rushes off after her, cautioning, "Wait! Don't go down there!"

Toxica briskly heads down a dark stairway, and again he reluctantly follows, listening as she contemplates aloud, "How humiliating it would be to find out we've been bowing down to a human all this time!"

Jindrax quivers with disgust as he remarks, "Yuck. That's not even funny."

The stairway leads to a wide basement room, filled with all sorts of dusty clutter. Stone totem poles, wooden chests, lit torches, an electric chair, posts with chains and ragged cloth hanging from them. Toxica journeys across the place, seeking anything that can back up her claims of falsehood.

Jindrax hangs back, keeping an eye out for the Master, while dreadfully mentioning, "This place gives me the creeps. Can't we do this some other time?!"

Toxica refutes, "No. I know there's got to be something around here that proves I'm right!"

She rushes over to an old but sturdy wooden table, covered in various items, most notably a cleaver-style axe and a rope-winding torture device. Picking up a wrinkled rag, Toxica holds it to her face, takes a few sniffs, and tosses it aside. She rummages through some books, then knocks over a small microscope.

Just in front of a small hourglass, she finds a brand spanking new photo album lying amid all the ancient relics. Running her hand across the blank cover, Toxica soon opens it up, discovering a single photograph resting against one the empty pages. She picks it up, and takes a closer look, calling in a near-whisper, "Jindrax! Look at this!"

The picture is a perfect condition copy of the same one Cole's been carrying around for the whole series, also the same as the one that appeared in the printed newspaper article. Cole's father, Cole's mother, baby Cole, and the mysterious third man. He's taller than both the other adults, with long black slightly-curly hair down to his shoulders, a dark shirt, and standing with his arms around his back, giving a non-expression in stark contrast the happy husband, wife, and child to his right.

Toxica dreadfully gasps, and Jindrax notices the resemblance, announcing, "It's Master Org!!"

Almost on cue, stepping out of a small room beneath the stairway in the back of the room, Master Org appears, giving an angered growl. Hearing this, Jindrax spins around and makes a gasp of fright., Toxica also turns around and gasps sharply once again. 

Master Org looks considerably enraged, as he marches across the room. The two Duke Orgs move away from the table, ending up facing the Master from across the center of the room. Jindrax stammers terrifiedly as he steps to the side, though Toxica remains totally calm. She does give an offended huff as she holds up the photograph, giving us a 'before' and 'after' look at the mysterious third man in the picture, and the pale-faced overlord he's become. While Jindrax trembles behind her, Toxica proclaims defiantly, "You don't frighten me . . . human!"

After she throws the photo onto the floor, Master Org wrathfully demands to know, "How dare you defy me again! I am the Master!"

Toxica unequivocally denies, "You're not my Master!", before jabbing her staff forth and firing off a blast of purple lightning at him with a furious grunt.

Master Org shields his face with his left arm, but the purple jolts manage to strike the top of his head, knocking his scalp-covering headpiece right off! It falls to the dirt, smoking and crackling with purple electricity. Jindrax notices it, and immediately cries, "Whoa!"

Toxica also gasps in shock. The headpiece not only provides a false horn for this man posing as Master Org, but the third eye as well. A closer look at the inside of this scalp-covering decoration reveals a small mechanical device inside, whirring loudly and sparkily malfunctioning from the jolt of energy shot at it. Obviously, this tiny device is what controls the life-like movements of the fake third eye. Also apart of this headpiece is the standard stuff that is worn on the head and matches the rest of Master Org’s robed attire.

Toxica gasps yet again, taken aback by this undeniable proof of Master Org's treachery. Jindrax glances from the headpiece to the man himself, cries in disbelief, "No way!"

Slowly lowering his arm from the shielding position, Master Org's true upper-head is unveiled, lacking any kind of third eye on his forehead, and no sign of a horn amid the curly mass of uncombed grey hair. He gives a wicked sneer and snickers sinisterly below his breath.

"You really are a human!" Jindrax exclaims.

Master Org proves he's far more than that, by aiming his trident staff at the pair, and howling viciously. The sphere centerpiece of the staff turns into a green and white conduit of the Master's trademark attack: the swarm of tendril vines. Five thick, slithering vines are fired from this staff, wrapping around each of them and binding the pair into an inescapable living prison. Both cry out in protest, their rising voices turning into as much an unintelligible tangle as the vines ensnaring them.

The vines wrap tighter and tighter around the Dukes, similar to how Master Org killed Cole's parents so long ago. Rather than letting his vines strangle the life out of the Duke Orgs, Master Org fires his trident staff again, blasting the both of them with a beam of reddish orange energy. It creates a brief but blinding sparkily flash, and when the smoke clears, Jindrax and Toxica still stand there. But they’ve changed.

They no longer cry out or cower in fear, instead standing tall and ripping the limp vines off of their bodies. Toxica looks about the same, though her chest armor is a big bulkier and stretches out along the shoulders. Her face lacks any human characteristics now, save for two glowing yellow eyes. The way her head looks now can only be described as scorpion-like, with her much-taller horn curled forth like a stinger and four curled leg-like things sticking out of the sides of her head. Her voice is also much deeper, soulless, and downright demonic, as she exhales menacingly.

Jindrax has gone from whisper-thin to warrior-esque, with his white and purple spandex modified into hefty shoulder and chest armor, considerably mangled and twisted. His face too has gone a change, yellow eyes still glowing, but his face is all monstrous. His head is lacking its yellow-shade, now dark black with a front-curled taller horn. Jindrax's voice is also deepened for effect, evident by his seething snarl.

Master Org chuckles, pleased with his will-less Duke Orgs. Toxica says with an icy tone, "Massster . . .” Both she and Jindrax bow deeply, kneeling with utmost respect before him, obediently asking in unison, "How may we serve you?"

Master Org pulls back his trident, spreads his arms outward, and begins to laugh maniacally. His wicked laughter echoes through the room, the malfunctioning headpiece continues to whirr loudly, as the photograph lies on the dusty ground close to it.


In a small cemetery, the five rangers, along with Shayla, walk somberly through the endless rows of gray stones. Cole is wearing his usual jeans and red shirt, and his head is low as he walks sadly, both hands in his pockets. They have obviously told him what the newspaper said.

Princess Shayla keeps a look out for a particular gravesite, and when she spots it, she turns to Cole, taking his arm with gentle support. A series of three tombstones, two large and one small between them, lie at their destination. The six stop upon the lawn, facing these graves in total solemn silence.

Cole's face tenses up, eyes welling with tears, as he looks at each of the tombstones. The one of the far left reads, "Richard Evans. Devoted father and scientist." The smaller one in the middle reads, "Cole Evans. So small, so sweet, so soon." The final one, on the right, reads, "Elizabeth Evans. Devoted mother and scientist."

Cole's face grows even more emotional. He pulls away from the others, and approaches the empty graves, with Alyssa watching from behind with an empathetic face. He crawls down onto his knees atop his father's grave, holding his arms loosely like he's lost all hope. Glancing from stone to stone, he sighs heavily, and says with a breaking voice, "I came all the way down here . . . to find my parents." Motioning his limp arms at the both of the graves, the sadness wells up in his tone. "And all I have left are these cold stones."

Alyssa immediately goes over to his side, touching his shoulder, and telling him in an attempt to ease his broken spirit, "I'm sorry, Cole. I know how tough this is for you. But you're not alone!"

He sighs, lowering his head, before slowly lifting it, and shaking it, as he sobs, "I'll never see my parents again."

Breaking away from the others, Taylor crouches behind Cole, placing a firm hand on his shoulder. “You don’t know that for sure."

A bit angered, Cole turns to ask, "What're you talking about?" He reaches into his vest pocket and pulls out the severely wrinkled printed newspaper article. "It says right here."

Taylor points to the small tombstone. "And it says right here you died!" Cole looks at it and Taylor grips his shoulder. "But, look . . . you’re alive!" Cole considers it, slowly nodding. She takes his arm and helps him back to his feet. "Maybe your parents got lost in the jungle, too . . . like you did."

Cole glances down at the empty graves for a moment, then looks back at his other teammates. Danny, Max, and Shayla all nod in agreement. The three of them walk closer to the other three, joining in what looks to be a group hug atop the symbolic resting place of Cole and his parents.