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Power Rangers Unlimited

Thunder Storm, Pt. 2




Opening Credits Roll




Scene opens at Tommy’s house. “You know there’s something we haven’t even considered,” Haley brings up.


“I’m way ahead of you,” Tommy says, pacing slightly. “Mesogog, right?”


“What if he finds out about this?” Ethan asks. “Can you imagine the two of them on the same side?”


“Great,” Kira says. “My day just went from bad, to worse.”




Blake, Cam and Hunter are walking through the streets where the rangers just fought. “Are you nuts?” Blake asks Cam.

“I take back everything I ever said about you being smart,” Hunter says.


“Have a look at what they’ve done,” Cam says, gesturing before them. “We have to get to the Abyss, it’s our only chance.”


“You were there, right?” Hunter asks. “You know what’s inside that thing.”


Cam stops walking, putting a hand to Hunter’s belt. “Yes. Our powers. And we have to get them back if we’re gonna have any chance of helping the dino rangers deal with Tori, Shane and Dustin.”

Hunter nods slowly, but Blake isn’t convinced. “No way!" he insists. "No. There’s, no possible way I’m going near that thing again.”



Cut to the three of them standing at the mouth of the Abyss, harnessed up and ready to descend. “Uh, I just wanna say one last time,” Blake says nervously. “I think this is a bad idea.”


They pause, then Cam speaks. “Okay, let’s go. And, uh, stick together. We split up and we’re through.” The other two nod and slowly they begin to walk backwards, lowering themselves into the Abyss.



Cut to Mesogog’s shadowy lair, Lothor enters his throne room gaily. “Well, well, well,” he says. “Love what you’ve done to the place! It’s homey. In a, high school science lab sorta way.”


“Lothor,” Mesogog hisses, sitting on his throne. “Your reputation proceeds you.”


“Well, don’t believe everything you hear,” Lothor says easily. “Although there’s no such thing as bad press, right?”


“Right,” he says, then pauses. “I suppose you’re wondering, why I called you here.”


“Let me guess,” Lothor says flatly. “Does it have twelve legs and come in assorted colors?”


“There’s only five colors this time,” Mesogog says. He leans forward. “But they’re no less of an irritation.”


“I feel your pain,” Lothor says.


Mesogog stands slowly. “Well.” He takes Lothor’s arm and they start to walk across the room. “I’ve called you here, in hopes of an alliance of sorts.”


“I see,” Lothor says. “I’m listening.” He stops and faces Mesogog.


“I have a plan,” Mesogog says. “But it would require use, of your evil power rangers.”

“Ah, you’ve heard of those, have you?” Lothor says, pleased. “They’re all the rage.”


“I believe there’s a way we can help one another,” Mesogog says. “That is, if you’re willing to work together as a team,” he starts to walk away slowly, then stops. “To rid the planet of the power rangers, once and for all.”




The three ninjas descend into the Abyss and land on a rock ledge, unhooking the ropes and taking off their helmets. “Man, it stinks down here,” Blake notes. Hunter makes a face in agreement.


“Let’s find our powers and get out of here,” Cam says, looking a little nervous.


Hunter steps forward and points to a familiar green ball glowing green and floating in the air. “Over there.”


“The Samurai Amulet,” Cam says.


“I can’t believe there’s no one guarding it,” Hunter says suspiciously.


Just then a group of assorted kelzacks and monsters appear, and the rangers get into stance. Blake shoots his brother a look. “You had to say it, right?” Hunter shrugs slightly.

“Welcome to my home, Power Rangers,” the monster in front says, crossing his two swords, then thrusting them forward. “Attack!”


The others run forward and the rangers meet them. A large fight ensues, and the three of them show of some great moves as they take the advantage rather easily.




Ethan is at the computer in CyberSpace, watching the ninja rangers fight their final battle against Lothor and the evils from the Abyss. “It says here the ninja rangers defeated like a hundred space mutants at one time,” he says, wide-eyed.


“After fighting them, I believe it,” Kira says.


“Oh come on,” Conner says. “They weren’t that tough. I’d fight ‘em, right here, right now.”

With a burst of wind, the three ninjas walk steadily through the door, stopping and staring down the dino rangers. Then Shane steps forward and raises his hands, shooting a blast of air at the rangers and various civilians, and sending tables and people flying and causing the customers to shout and run off.


Conner sits up from where he fell and looks at the three. “Can I get you anything?” he asks. “A donut maybe, or a muffin?”


“I try to stay away from sugar,” Shane says lowly. “Makes me hyper.”

“I’d hate to see him when he gets hyper,” Ethan says, sitting with the other two on the floor.

“Get up!” Tori demands. “We have some unfinished business to attend to.”


The three stand and step forward, crossing to match colors. “Dude,” Conner says. “She’s kinda cute, don’t you think?” Tori and Dustin step up beside Shane.


“Yeah,” Ethan agrees with a grin. “In a crazed-ninja-terminator sort of way.”


Kira slaps Conner. “Would you two focus here?”


“Right,” Conner says sullenly.


The ninjas walk forward slowly. “Can we get on with this?” Shane asks.


“We’re not gonna fight you here,” Conner says as they come towards the others.

“Well then we’re just gonna have to destroy you,” Shane says.


“We’ll meet wherever you want,” Conner says seriously, almost threatening. “But you come alone.”


“Why should we agree to that?” Shane asks, now standing face to face with Conner.


“It’s called honor,” Kira says, glaring at Dustin steadily. “I thought you ninjas knew all about that.” Dustin just stares at her silently, and Ethan and Tori match gazes as they wait for the word.

Shane takes a slight breath. “Fine,” he says. “Under the harbor bridge. In one hour. The six of us. No one else.”

“Fine,” Conner agrees. “We’ll be there.”


Without another word, the ninjas streak out, leaving the dino rangers in the empty café. “Ninja streak?” Ethan asks gleefully. “Aw, how cool is that?”


And this time even Conner gives him a look.


Meanwhile in the Abyss of Evil, the rangers continue to fight. Cam almost reaches the Samurai amulet, but one of the monsters hits the ground with his sword and electricity crackles everywhere, causing the ground to shake. Cam misses the amulet and Hunter falls hard on the stone as Blake flies over the edge into the depths of the Abyss.


“Blake!” Hunter shouts, jumping over himself and grabbing his brother’s arm, barely catching the edge of the stone with his fingers. “Gotcha!”

Cam appears over the side and grabs Hunter’s arm as he slips down, shouting, “Hang on!”


“I’m trying!” Blake says. “But I’m losing my grip!”


One of the monsters steps up. “Now it’s your turn to feel what it’s like to live at the bottom of the abyss! Bye, rangers.” He raises his sword and they all disappear.

Cam grabs Hunter’s arm with both hands as they all continue to slide. “I can’t believe I’m gonna miss my race tomorrow!” Blake says.


Hunter looks down at him. “Did you seriously just say that?”


“I, can’t hold on!” Cam gasps. His hands slip further, and the brothers are about to fall, when a hand grasps Hunter’s arm.




The three dino rangers wait under the harbor bridge later that day, and Conner is speaking. “So if they use special powers, we use special powers. If they morph, we morph.” He looks at each of them. “Sound good?”

“Does to me,” Kira says. Suddenly they are flown back by a gust of wind and fall to the ground. The ninja rangers approach them, arms outstretched, and stop in front of them as the dino rangers stand. “Man, do they have to keep doing that?” Kira asks.

“Fools,” Shane says. “You actually showed up.”

The dino rangers get into stance and the ninjas do the same before running at them and starting to fight furiously. Conner takes on Shane, Ethan Dustin, and Kira Tori, and they hold their own pretty well.


However, Conner and Ethan both go back on what they said and use their powers before either of their opponents. Kira only uses her Ptera Scream when Tori launches a water attack.


The fight continues until they all land where they started and face each other once more. “This is boring,” Tori says, though breathing heavily.


“Shall we?” Shane asks.


“Oh yeah!” Dustin says.


They raise their morphers and prepare to morph when Blake’s voice shouts, “No, wait!” Hunter, Blake and Cam jump over the small fence and approach the others.

“Wait a minute,” Kira says, looking at them carefully. “Blake?” She watches as the three walk towards the other ninjas. “That’s how I know you, you’re a power ranger.”


“Good,” says Ethan. “Cause we can use all the help we can get.”


“Yeah,” Conner agrees.

“We’re not here to help you guys out,” Blake says as they stand by Dustin, Shane and Tori. “We stick with our own kind.”


“Lothor’s shown us the error of our ways,” Hunter says.


Cam folds his arms. “Whoever doesn’t follow us, we’ll destroy.”


“Wait.” Cam holds up a hand, then turns to them. “First, you have to take these.” He holds out three disks. “A little power boost, direct from the Abyss of Evil.”


“But we already have our powers,” Tori states.


“Not these ones,” Hunter says.


Shane glares at Cam suspiciously. “You’d better be right about this.”

“Believe me,” Cam says as each of them takes their disk. “You won’t be sorry.”

They replace the disks in their morphers as the others watch tensely, then raises their wrists, activating them. Bursts of energy shoot from the morphers, sending them flying back and hitting the ground hard, and the other three go to them quickly as the dino rangers watch in confusion.


“Dude, what happened?” Dustin asks as he takes Hunter’s hand and stands up. “My bell is seriously rung.”


“How did we get here?” Tori asks. “The last thing I remember . . .”


“Lothor,” Blake says. “He’s back.”


“Yeah we know,” Shane says. “Sensei told us.”


“That wasn’t Sensei,” Hunter says.


“No, dude, I know Sensei when I see him,” Dustin says.


“No,” Blake says. “It’s Lothor.”


“Okay, unless it was Lothor dressed as Sensei,” Dustin concludes, pleased with himself. “Huh?”


“Okay, this is all highly amusing,” Conner says as they come over to the group. “But, does someone wanna tell me what’s going on?”


Flashback: inside the Abyss of Evil where Cam is holding onto Hunter when someone grabs his arm. Cam’s voice comes over. “We were about to fall inside, but, Dad got there just in time.” Cam looks up and Sensei smiles at him, helping him pull the brothers up.


Hunter continues, cutting to them all in the Dino Lab. “So, we faked being on Lothor’s side, to get you to take the right ninja disks.”

“It’s a good thing you guys showed up when you did,” Conner says.


Shane smirks a little. “Good thing for you guys.” They all laugh.


“Whatever, dude,” Conner says. Sensei smiles at them and Tommy comes in from the other room.


“Nah, I'm just playing, man,” Shane says. “You guys fight like rock-stars.”

“I, for one, will take that as a compliment,” Kira says. Dustin and Ethan hit fists silently and Cam smiles a little.


“We’re glad you’re here,” Tommy says, standing beside Sensei. “But now it’s time to get down to business.”


“Tommy is right,” Sensei says, standing slowly. “We have a serious problem on our hands.”

“And it’s gonna take all of us, to defeat him,” Tommy says.




Cut to Mesogog’s lair, one of the monster’s comes in and bows. “Sir, the troops are assembled and ready for battle.”


“Your general has done well,” Mesogog says, standing beside Lothor and Elsa.


“Thank you, sir,” the general says.


“Enough about him,” Lothor cuts in. “Let’s get this show on the road. We have a world to command, and the clock’s a-ticking.” He walks away.


Mesogog and Elsa follow, but then she stops. “Master. I know it’s not my place. But do you really think it’s wise to trust them? I mean—”


Mesogog cuts her off, turning to face her. “Of course it’s not. That’s why I don’t. Lothor, is a pawn, nothing more.” He places his hands on Elsa’s arms. “When I’m done, he will be a mere footnote in our dino-restructuring, of earth.” Elsa smiles and they turn, walking off arm-in-arm.




The screen on the Dino-Lab computer shows a mass of monsters and tyrannodrones gathered in the desert somewhere, and the alarm starts blaring. Haley comes over to where Ethan and Cam stand, the latter holding a bunch of wires and some kind of device. “We’ve got company.”

“It’s time,” Tommy says. “To show them what teamwork is really all about.” Hunter nods behind him.


Cut to the dirt track of the games, the various creatures are pumped up and Elsa walks up to them. “Get ready,” she says.


The rangers all run up together and stand above them high on a cliff. “It is time,” one of the monsters says beside Elsa.


“Let’s be careful,” Tommy warns the rangers. “But let’s get it done.”


“Are you guys ready?” Conner shouts.

“Ready,” they all answer, morphers raised. And they each call on their powers:


“Dino Thunder, Power Up!”


“White Ranger, Dino Power!”


“Ninja Storm, Ranger Form!”


“Thunder Storm, Ranger Form!”


“Samurai Storm, Ranger Form!”












“Dino Thunder!”


“Power of Air!”


“Power of Water!”


“Power of Earth!”


“Crimson Thunder!”


“Navy Thunder!”


“Samurai Power!”


“Ninja Storm!”


They all finish and leap down to meet the enemy, shouting “Ranger Power!” as the ever-featured explosions go off behind them.


Elsa takes out her sword with a growl and runs forward, shouting something. The others follow her, and the rangers meet them, mounting their vehicles and taking off. They each team up and take on different monsters.


Shane and Conner take on a monster, Tori and Kira face Elsa, Dustin and Ethan fight a few monsters. The Bradleys forego this tradition of unity, and take on a monster of their own, and Tommy does the same by himself. Trent and Cam fight a bunch of various creatures together.


Eventually dino-modes and battlizers are used, and Tommy joins the brothers in their fight. Cam is almost taken down but comes back with his Super Samurai Mode. Conner and Shane take down the last two monsters from the Abyss with the Triassic Ranger and some battlizers, and Haley and Sensei breathe sighs of relief back at the Lab.




Cut to Mesogog’s lab, he slams down the screen they were watching and hisses in anger. “Your plot, has failed.”


“You two,” Lothor snaps at Marah and Kapri. “Get down there and, do some of that ninja stuff you’re always bragging about. The girls babble something and trot off.




The ranger teams meet each other and Conner says, “Nice moves, you guys.”


“Back at you, bro,” Shane says. They clasp hands, then turn as Marah and Kapri shoot in from the sky, landing in a heap on the ground.


They run over to the rangers quickly. “Guys!” Kapri calls. “Hey Cam,” she says as he steps in front of her.


“What are you doing here?” Cam asks.


“Is that any way to greet family?” Kapri asks, frowning.


“Yeah,” says Marah. “Especially when we brought you a present.” She holds up a container and opens it, and a cloud emerges, forming into the ninja students, who kneel, then stand together with a shout.


Haley and Sensei smile and sigh again, and he takes her hand. “Thank you,” he says sincerely. “We owe you a debt that we will never be able to repay.”


Marah and Kapri look at each other, then tear off their evil alien costumes and return to their ninja uniforms, looking very pleased with themselves. The rangers run to the other students, Shane calling, “Hey, everybody okay?”


Cam stays with his two cousins, and Marah places an arm on his shoulder. “You didn’t think we really went bad, did you? We were just, pretending.”


“Again?” Cam asks.


“Yeah, well we’re slow learners,” Kapri says. They all laugh.




“I knew I should never have trusted those two!” Lothor shouts as they watch on the screen.


“And I knew I shouldn’t hav trusted you,” Mesogog says. They face each other. “Looks like this planet has one too many evil villains. And I have no intention of leaving.”


They stare a moment, then both back off, facing each other for a battle. Lothor starts it off, and the two are pretty evenly matched in the cool fight scene that follows.


But Mesogog pins Lothor against the wall firmly. “Say goodbye, Lothor,” he says. “And this time—mean it.” He shoots a ray from his head and it engulfes Lothor, shrinking him and securing him in a container. “Very collectable,” Mesogog says, picking it up.




“I'm afraid it’s dead,” Haley says. “Lothor’s extraction of the powers left just enough energy for one, last battle.”


Shane looks considerably upset as he looks at Conner. “Yeah, well I guess it’s a good thing we got you guys.”


“You’ve done your part,” Conner says, putting a hand on Shane’s shoulder. “It’s our turn to take over where you left off.” Shane nods slightly.


Dustin comes out from the back and Tommy meets him as they walk. “There’s just, one thing I still don’t understand.” (Just one, Dustin?)


“What’s that, Dustin?” Tommy asks.


“Who, rescued Sensei?” he asks.


Marah and Kapri step up quickly. “I think we can answer that for you,” Kapri says.


“Yeah,” Marah says with a smile. Flashback to the two of them dragging Sensei passed a sleeping Lothor.


Everyone laughs as they come over. “What?” Marah asks. “Do you guys have any idea how heavy he is?”


“Yeah,” Kapri says. “Hey, Sensei, you should cut down on the cookies with your afternoon tea.”


“I will keep that in mind,” Sensei says, smiling. “Now that I am returning to my normal life.”


“I'm all about getting back to normal,” Ethan says.


“Yeah, but not until we get down and dirty,” Blake says, slapping his hand. They all start cheering.




Cut to the track, where they all walk by wishing Blake luck as he prepares. Cassidy and Devon walk by, and as usual Cassidy is speaking. “Okay, we got our press passes, the camera, the microphone, and the hairspray so we’ve got everything. All we need to do now is find Blake Bradley and get the interview.”


Marah and Kapri walk by and Marah stares after Cassidy, then turns to her sister. “Kapri, did you just see that girl? She is like, so stunning.”


“Devon,” Cassidy says. “Did you see that girl? She is so stunning.”


Split-screen of them both saying, “But I am so much prettier.”


The rangers cheer as the riders race around the track, and Blake finishes long before the others. Conner and Shane lift him on their shoulders and he raises his trophy as they all celebrate together.





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