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Power Rangers Unlimited

Thunder Struck, Pt. 2




Scene opens on the rangers entering the trashed lab, and Kira asks, “What happened?”


“It’s trashed!” Ethan exclaims as they look around.


“Elsa . . .” Tommy begins, looking worried.


Conner frowns as he sees a small box blinking with a red light, and he reaches down, picking it up. “What is this?” he asks.


Haley takes it. “It’s like a black box,” she says. “I keep a security camera in it.” She moves to one of the computers, which surprisingly still works, and hooks it up. “Let’s take a look.”


The screen flickers and shows Zeltrax dragging Elsa through the lab as it falls apart. “Zeltrax,” Tommy says.


Anton looks very bothered as he watches. “This is all my fault,” he says. “I should have stopped him.”

Trent looks up at him. “Don’t blame yourself for what you did when you were him.”


“Trent is right, Anton,” Tommy says, putting a hand on the man’s shoulder. He looks back at the screen. “This is about me and Smitty, it has nothing to do with you.”


“But if there were no Mesogog—” Anton begins.


“We can’t go back and change what’s happened,” Tommy says, speaking from experience here. He looks at the others. “Mesogog is gone. We should be thankful for that.”


“So what now?” Conner asks. “I guess we don’t hang up our morphers just yet.”


Tommy shakes his head slightly. “No.”




Cut to an abandoned building somewhere. Elsa in on the ground, staring up at Zeltrax in fear. “Zeltrax,” she pleads. “Smitty, please! Mesogog is gone!” She stands slowly. “I’m sure I could talk to Dr. Oliver.”

“Talk,” he repeats. “I’m through with talk.” He starts to walk away. “With my new Zel-Zord, you’ll see that actions speak louder than words.” A large monster/zord appears out of nowhere.


“Haven’t you learned that revenge is not that answer?” Elsa asks.


“After my banishment,” he says. “I had plenty of time to think about it.” He walks towards her. “And as I constructed the ultimate fighting machine.”


Elsa steps forward and grabs his shoulders, shouting at him. “You can’t defeat the power rangers! You saw what their new weapon did to Mesogog’s lab!”


Zeltrax shoves her away roughly. “I have something Mesogog didn’t. An innocent bystander!” He grabs her arm and her face loses all the bravery it had only a moment ago as she just stares up at him.




Cassidy walks up to the table in CyberSpace that Devon sits at. Her hair is a mess and she look extremely unkempt, but her voice is cheerful, if tired. “Okay,” she says, sitting down. “I’m here. What do you want?”


“Hey,” Devon says, looking at her, a small tape in his hands. He stares at her, then starts to laugh a little.


“What?” she asks sharply. “You’d have bad hair too if you’d been pulling it out all day thinking of the stupid power rangers.”


“Well,” he says, smiling a little. “Worry no more. You’re not gonna lose another lock of hair, after you see this.” He holds up the tape and she stares at it. “But first we gotta talk,” he continues. “I’ve uh, got something kinda serious that I want to ask you.”



Ethan runs up to the line of ticket-buyers and heads for the girl from before. “Thanks for saving my place,” he says. She smiles and the “alien” from before steps in front of him, making some really weird expressions before stepping aside.

They hear a loud noise and all look up. “Check that out,” the girl says as a huge green vortex appears in the sky and the Zel-Zord emerges from it, towering over the city.

Everyone starts to panic and run away, and Zeltrax speaks from inside the zord. “Come and face me, power rangers,” he challenges. He fires a blast and it hits a mountain outside the city, blowing it apart.


Ethan hides behind a building and lifts his morpher. “Dr. O, I found Zeltrax. And I don’t think he’s here for the double feature.”


“Ranger up,” Tommy says. “We’ll meet you there.”


“Got it,” he says. His bracelet transforms and he morphs. “Dino Thunder, Power Up, ha!” He runs forward and looks up at the creation. “Check out his zord!” he exclaims.


The others appear at his side as Zeltrax speaks. “Power Rangers, surrender!” Cut to inside his zord, where Elsa is tied up. “Or my most precious cargo will be destroyed.”


“I’ll bet he’s got Elsa in there,” Conner says.


“Correct,” Zeltrax answers him. “I wanted her to see your demise. Triptoids!” A group appears and the rangers fight them pretty easily. Zeltrax orders something in his zord and it begins firing on the city and the rangers, causing huge explosions and flames. The rangers fly into the air and hit the ground hard.


“This has gone far enough,” Tommy says breathlessly, standing up slowly. He looks down at Trent as the white ranger starts to stand. “Trent, can you handle the triptoids?”

“Not a problem,” Trent says confidently. He runs at the triptoids  and starts to make easy work of them.


“You guys call the zords,” Tommy tells the others, then he looks up at the Zel-Zord. “I’m gonna get Elsa.” He runs off.


“You got it,” Conner says. “Dino zords!” They appear and transform into the Megazord in a very quick sequence, then start fighting Zeltrax’s.


Tommy jumps up and dives into the Zel-Zord. “I’m in,” he says.

“We got your back,” Conner says from in the zord.


Tommy arrives in the zord and looks around. “Elsa?” he calls.


Elsa looks around frantically. “Tommy!” she shouts. “I’m in here!”


Tommy turns around quickly. “Hang on!”


He runs towards her and she shouts again, “Tommy!” A group of triptoids appears and Tommy starts to fight them off.


Outside, Zeltrax blasts the rangers in their zords and it goes staggering back, the rangers reeling inside it.

Tommy is slashed across the chest and hits the floor, and Kira seems to know something isn’t right. “I’m gonna go help Dr. O,” she says.


She runs out of the cockpit and Conner shouts after her. “Kira!”


Kira lands in the zord and looks around. “Dr. O?”


The Zel-Zord wraps a band of electricity around their zord and holds it tight, then lifts it into the air, dropping it hard on the ground. “Ethan,” Conner says. “Can you handle the mesodon?”


“Thought you’d never ask,” Ethan says. He transports to the other zord. “Mesodon megazord!” It transforms quickly.


Tommy continues fighting the triptoids inside the zord. He holds one at bay and looks up. “Elsa!” he shouts as he spots her.


Elsa smiles in relief. “Tommy!”


“I’ll be right there,” he assures her. He shoves the triptoid aside and hits it with his staff.


“No he won’t,” Zeltrax says, firing a blast right at him.

Kira jumps in front of Tommy just in time, deflecting the blast with her weapon, and Zeltrax steps out, running at them. His zord fires another blast at the other two zords, while Tommy and Kira fight Zeltrax. They’re losing. They both land on the floor and Zeltrax glares down at them. “Maximum Power,” he commands, and starts to glow. He transforms into something other form. “You and me, Tommy,” he says.

“Kira,” says Tommy. “Get Elsa!”


Kira blasts the ropes holding Elsa and catches her as she falls. “I gotcha.” Tommy and Zeltrax fight a little, and Kira raises her weapon. “Hey freak!” She fires at him and hits him solidly, then speaks into her morpher. “Guys, I got her. We’re coming out.”


“Go Kira!” Ethan says.


Tommy runs back to Elsa and Kira, eyes still on Zeltrax. “Let’s go,” he says.


“You’re not going anywhere,” Zeltrax says. He raises his arms and a strange beam engulfs his zord, darkness covering the city.


“What’s going on?” Ethan asks.


“No idea!” Conner exclaims.


Electricity shoots from the zord and into them again, and they stagger back. “We gotta get them outta there, now!” Ethan says. He runs his zord at Zeltrax’s and starts to fight it.


“Hold on!” Conner shouts. “Ethan, I’ve got an idea!”


Zeltrax runs at the three in the zord, but it flown back when the megazord’s fist breaks through and hits him. “What?” Kira asks. She goes to Elsa and takes her arm. “Let’s go.” They run for the opening and jump out, landing safely on the ground. “You’re safe now,” Kira says. Elsa smiles.


Trent is still fighting the triptoids, and he finally finishes them off and turns to the two. “You made it.”

Tommy and Zeltrax fight for a while, and as they lock swords Tommy shouts, “Smitty, stop!”


Zeltrax pushes him away and continues to fight. “Smitty’s gone!” He runs at Tommy again, but he slides to his knees and slashes Zeltrax across the chest, sending him flying back.


“I’ve gotta get out of here,” Tommy says to himself.


He jumps out of the zord and meets with Kira, Elsa and Trent. “All right!” Trent says.


“You okay?” Tommy asks Elsa.


Before she can respond, Zeltrax appears and walks towards them, sword ready. “You didn’t think I’d let you go that easily did you?”


“Elsa,” Trent says. “Come with me.” He leads her away quickly.


“You’re going down, Tommy,” Zeltrax says.


The two rangers get into stance and Tommy turns to Kira. “You with me, Kira?”

“Oh yeah,” she answers. They run forward with a yell and begin to fight. After a while they both fire at him and he stops, falling to the ground and exploding in a huge burst of flames.

But the megazord is still taking a beating. Tommy raises his morpher. “Conner. You’re gonna need all the zords.”


“Right,” Conner answers. “Dino zords—full power!” They all appear and begin to glow with a bright yellow light, then fire a beam right at the Zel-Zord. It explodes with a burst of blue electricity. “We did it!” Conner shouts. “Yeah!” But then it picks itself back up and is whole again, unharmed. “No way!”


“Again?” Ethan asks.


The Zel-Zord begins to cause huge winds and buildings start to crumble around the city as the zords struggle to stay upright. “You’ve got to sacrifice the zords!” Tommy tells them.


“We can’t!” Conner says.


“No, Dr. Oliver!” Ethan shouts.


“You’ve got to,” Tommy says steadily. “It’s the only way.”

“All right,” Conner says slowly, struggling to remain standing. “Engage auto-destruct!”


“I’m trying!” Ethan shouts as he staggers about the cockpit.


“Goodbye, old friends,” Conner says as they engage and get to the Zel-Zord.


Tommy and the others watch from the ground, and he whispers, “Get out of there.”


The zords meet and burst into a huge explosion, and the two rangers inside cry out as the cockpits are hit with many explosions. The zords fall over together in a burst of blue electricity, then explode into a huge ball of fire.

The rangers on the ground step back at the explosion. “Guys,” says Tommy.


“No!” Trent says.


They all watch in horror, and the city is lit again suddenly, the beautiful day returning. Cut to the rangers running to the wreck sight, stopping before it. “Where are they?” Kira asks, fear plain on her face and in her voice.

There is nothing for a while, then slowly the forms of Conner and Ethan appear, walking towards them slowly. “Ethan?” Kira asks. “Conner!” She smiles and they all run forward. “That was impressive,” she says to them.


Conner and Ethan are both breathing heavily and not looking so good. “But the zords . . .” Ethan begins. “They’re destroyed.”


“That was the only way,” Tommy says. “You guys did what you had to do.”


“It’s true,” Trent says solemnly. “Nothing else would have stopped him.”

Conner shakes his head sadly. “So that’s it, then.” His voice cracks ever so slightly, “It can’t just be over.”

A familiar voice shouts from somewhere. “Of course it’s not over!” They all turn, Trent recognizing the voice immediately, and see Mesogog standing not far away.

“Why do they always come back for more?” Tommy asks.

“You destroyed my plans of making a perfect world,” Mesogog says. “However, I was able to absorb enough dino gem energy, to complete my transfiguration. Witness the face of, your final battle.” He begins to mutate and soon is transformed into a much uglier and I think much less menacing version of himself.

Tommy takes a nervous breath. “You’d better step aside, Elsa,” he tells her. She runs off and hides behind some stuff, and finds Cassidy and Devon there, videotaping the whole thing. “You guys ready for one more battle?” Tommy asks the rangers.

Conner smirks a little. “Oh yeah.” He steps forward. “Ready!”


“Ready!” they answer in turn. Then together they say, “Dino Thunder, Power Up—ha!” And Trent comes in with, “White Ranger—Dino Power!” They each shout out the power of their dinosaur and then shout “Dino Rangers!” as explosions go of around them.

“This is it!” Conner shouts. They run at Mesogog through the blasts he fires at them and start to fight fiercely.

There is a long, intense fight scene in which the rangers fight their hearts out, but don’t get very far. Conner finally uses the Triassic powers and hits Mesogog with the battle blast, sending him flying back and landing on the ground. They all stagger over to Conner, breathless and injured. “You did it, Conner,” Kira says.


But then the rubble shoots up and Mesogog stands from it all, laughing evilly. “Unbelievable,” Tommy says.

Mesogog laughs, then splits into two. “He’s replicating!” Conner says as he splits yet again and again.


“One was bad enough,” Ethan says. “How do we fight them all?”


“Guys,” says Tommy. “We have to use all of our powers. It’s the only way.”


“Right,” Conner answers.


“Kay,” Ethan says.


“Okay,” Kira agrees.


“Do it, Conner,” Trent says.


“Power Rangers!” they all shout, circling their arms and causing their powers to glow between their hands, slowly engulfing their whole bodies.


“I summon the power of the gem!” Conner says.

They all raise their hands and energy shoots from them as they shout, “Dino gems, unite!” The beams form a large dinosaur head as they hurl the energy at Mesogog, and it closes it’s teeth around his four bodies, causing a massive explosion as he is finally destroyed.



The explosion has died down and all the rangers are demorphed as they gather together amid the flames and rubble. “Everyone okay?” Tommy asks quietly.


“I feel . . . different,” Conner says.

“Yeah,” says Trent. “Like normal again.”


“Me too,” says Kira.


They all study their gems and Ethan finally realizes it. “It’s gone!” he says. “The power’s gone.”


“It took everything the gems had to destroy Mesogog,” Tommy says.


Conner looks at his gem. “So these are just . . .”


“Ancient artifacts,” Tommy says sullenly. “That would look great in a museum.”

Cassidy steps out, a smile on her face, followed by Devon and Elsa. “Hello, rangers,” she says with amusement.

They all look up, then walk towards them. “So you know then,” Conner says flatly.


“Well,” says Devon. “I kinda already knew but I had to show Cassidy in person.”


Cassidy is nearly beaming. “This is like the greatest thing ever!” she exclaims. Then she turns and hugs Devon tightly as the rangers look on nervously.

“And,” she continues, turning back to them. “We’ve got it all on tape. You know, a reporter could make a whole career out of this!”

“Cassidy,” Tommy says after a moment. “Do you realize what our lives will be like if that tape gets out?”

“Yeah,” she says, a little calmer. “I do. That’s why I’m giving this to you.” She hands Tommy the tape and he takes it quietly.


“Wait,” Kira says. “Cassidy passing up a scoop of a lifetime?” She pauses. “Why?”


Cassidy pauses. “Because you’re my friends,” she says, smiling. The rangers begin to smile as she continues. “It wouldn’t be right to ruin your lives just to make mine better. Not after everything you’ve done for us.”


Ethan smiles a little. “I always knew there was a heart deep down in there somewhere.” Conner smiles.

“Yeah,” Cassidy says. “I just, needed someone to help me find it.” She leans in towards Devon a little. “Now, if you’ll excuse us . . .”


“Yeah,” Devon says. “We’re off to the prom.” He turns and they hook arms, walking away. Elsa smiles and turns, following them.

They smile a little and take breaths of relief. “Finally,” Kira says. “I thought those two were never gonna get together.”


“And just like that,” Conner says. “Life goes back to normal.”


“Our life may be normal,” Tommy says. “But trust me. It will never be the same.” He clenches his gem in his hand as they all turn, and puts his hands on Kira and Trent’s backs as they walk away.



Prom Night, not sure where, looks like maybe the Mercer place. A big banner says, “Reefside High Senior Prom 2004” and students and teachers are all arriving and hanging out already, limos parked around the drive.


Devon and Cassidy step out of a super-long limo and make their way inside excitedly. “Whoa,” says Cassidy. “This is amazing!”


They go inside and Haley meets them. “Don’t you two look nice,” she comments.


“Thank you so much, Haley,” Cassidy says, hanging on Devon’s arm with a bright smile. “And on behalf of the entire prom committee, I just want to thank you for helping out tonight.”


Haley smiles and Devon comments, “The new, kinder, gentler, Cassidy.”

“So I hear,” Haley says. “And what you did for the rangers took a lot of courage.”


“Yeah, well a good reporter knows when to talk and when to keep a secret,” Cassidy says. Haley smiles and they walk off.

Ethan is standing in the middle of the floor, a game in his hands, concentrating intently on it, a slight smile on his face. Conner comes over to him, a girl at his side. “Ethan, my man!” he says happily, and they clasp hands. “You remember Krista?” he asks, gesturing to his date.


“Was she on the list?” Ethan asks. There is a long silence as Conner looks at him, and he continues. “Sure, I remember. You’re the tree girl.”

“Yeah,” she says slowly, with a slight laugh. “I guess you could say that.” She turns to Conner. “Um, I’m gonna get a drink, you want some?”


“Yeah, that’d be great,” he says. Krista walks off.


Ethan frowns as she leaves. “The tree girl? What’s up with that?”

“Dude,” says Conner. “It’s what’s on the inside that counts.”

“Oh, our little Conner’s all grown up!” Ethan says.


Conner grins. “So what changed your mind? Had all the mutant freaks you could handle for one year?”


“Actually,” says Ethan. “I had the chance to rethink the whole prom tradition thing.”


Conner nods and the girl from the ticket line comes over, handing Ethan a drink. “Here you go.”


“Thank you,” Ethan says, grinning.


She looks at Conner. “Oh, hey. You must be, Conner. Ethan’s told me all about you.”

Conner smiles. “I’m sure he has,” he casts a sideling glance at Ethan.


“Where’s your friend Kira?” the girl asks Ethan. “I wanna meet her too.”


Ethan frowns a little. “I don’t know where she is. I haven’t seen her.”


Conner shakes his head. “Maybe she’s blowing it off. She said she didn’t have a date.”


“Hey guys,” says a voice.


Conner looks up towards it and Ethan says, “Hey Trent.”

We travel up towards the ceiling and find Trent standing on the upper floor, leaning on the fancy railing and looking down at the people below. “So Trent,” says Tommy beside him. “What’s next for you?”


“Actually, I’m really excited,” Trent says, speaking the truth though he sounds anything but. He straightens and looks at Tommy as Anton comes over. “Heading to art school in the fall.”

“Yeah?” Tommy asks, turning to Anton. “You okay with that, Anton?”


“Couldn’t be happier,” he answers. “How about you, Tommy? What’s next for the, man who’s done it all?”

“I was thinking of staying here teaching,” Tommy says. “Living the quiet life.”


“You sure about that?” Elsa asks, coming over with a smile. “I hear the new principal’s a real hard-nose.”


“I think she’ll be brilliant,” Tommy says.


Anton sets his glass down and turns to Elsa. “I was wondering, if the new principal would save a dance for an old friend.”


Elsa smiles up at him. “I’d be honored.” Anton smiles a little and takes her hand, and they walk away together.


“I gotta go,” Tommy says to Trent.


Trent checks his watch. “You outta here?”


“No,” Tommy says. “I gotta introduce the band.”

“Okay,” Trent says as he walks off. He glances down to the floor again and leaves himself.


Cut to Tommy onstage before a microphone. “Hey guys,” he says. “I just wanna say we’ve had an interesting year. We’ve been through a lot, more than any school should have to go through. But we made it. And we’re okay. That’s what’s important. So let’s have fun tonight, and to help us do that, here she is . . .Kira Ford!”


He steps back as the curtains open and Kira steps up to the microphone. The rangers start cheering and clapping immediately and Tommy joins them in the crowd. Kira begins to sing:


You, gave me something more

Than I’ve ever felt before

We could be, falling in love”


They crowd cheers and Cassidy puts her arms around Devon’s neck as they dance a little, smiling brightly at him.


I can picture you and me

More than coming closer”


Elsa beams as she goes to Anton and they begin dancing together.


Just a little more time, and

Just a little less thinking

Just a little more time is

All that I need”

Flashbacks from episode one start to play, then further on throughout the series.


Just a little believing

Just a little more breathing

Let’s give it time”

She finishes and everyone erupts into even more cheering, and the camera ends on a shot of her, Conner and Ethan, the first three Dino Thunder Rangers at the beginning of their journey, now ended.



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